Today, LBX Tactical has restocked its field uniform, which consists of the Camouflage Combat Shirt and Camouflage Combat Pant, with a new Caiman woodland colorway and an updated stock of the previously introduced Inland Taipan variant. In addition, it became known that in the coming weeks, the assortment may be replenished with one more color — Snow Raptor.


Caiman forest camouflage, Inland Taipan desert camouflage and Snow Raptor urban/winter camouflage are part of a series of adaptive digital camouflages under the commercial name LBX Camo. The series was developed in collaboration with Leading Edge Ventures and HyperStealth Biotechnology as a more effective alternative to popular digital camos such as CAPDAT, MARPAT and AOR.


At the moment, it is already possible to purchase Caiman and Inland Taipan colors. Regardless of color choice, the LBX Camouflage Combat Pants are priced at $95 and the LBX Camouflage Combat Shirt is $85, excluding shipping.


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