In the late spring of 2012, the Crater C33 folding knife from the well-known company Leatherman became part of my EDC kit. The C33 is one of six folding knives in the Crater series, which is the only knife series from Leatherman to date. The pocket knife attracted with its strict and unobtrusive design, small size, relatively light weight, simple and cheap. The knife comes in a small branded black and yellow box; inside, in addition to the knife, there is a leaflet with detailed operating instructions.


The knife perfectly fits the role of an everyday pocket knife, it is used almost every day and in different situations, both for unpacking correspondence, trimming protruding threads and other things, and as a spare knife when traveling out of town. Despite the relatively low cost, about $ 18 with delivery, the build quality is at a very high level. To this day, all elements work perfectly, there are no backlashes, breakages or cracks. Apart from minor scratches on the blade coating, the knife still looks like new.


Despite its modest size, the knife fits comfortably in the hand. The plastic grips have a slight texture, but not enough to confidently operate the knife with wet or gloved hands. The design of the Crater C33 model, with a total weight of about 70 grams, includes a straight blade, a 30 mm folding carbine opener and a three-bolt steel clip. The whole design of the knife rests only on two bolts for a Torx 8 screwdriver, the knife is quickly and easily disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and assembled. The Crater C33 knife, as in principle all knives of the series, is designed exclusively for «right-handed» owners, this is indicated by the peg, which is located only on one side of the blade, and the clip, without the possibility of fastening to the reverse side.

The blade is fixed with a steel liner lock. The total length of the blade is not more than 66mm, the length of the cutting edge is about 62mm, and the maximum thickness is 2mm. The total length of the open knife is 166 mm, when closed it is 100 mm, the maximum thickness of the handle is 13 mm. The blade of the Crater C33 is made of high carbon 420HC stainless steel, which Leatherman uses in almost all of its well-known multitools. As for me, this steel is very easy to maintain, keeps sharpening for a long time and quickly sharpens to its original state. The matte light gray coating turned out to be completely durable, for the entire period of operation it practically completely retained its basic appearance, with the exception of three small scratches, the specific moment of which I did not detect.


In general, the pocket folding Leatherman Crater C33 is perfect for the role of an inexpensive working knife for everyday and various simple tasks, which should not cause undue attention, both from ordinary passers-by on the street, or in public transport, and from law enforcement officers. The Crater C33 knife is available in many online stores, its price ranges from $14 to $20, while the recommended retail price of the model is $18.

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