Les Stroud, a Canadian film director, musician, survival expert, creator, producer, screenwriter and host of the television program The Science of Survival, Les Stroud, was born on October 20, 1961 in Mimico, Ontario. He has worked on survival programming for Discovery, YTV, Science Channel and OLN. His secrets helped people escape death in the desert.

Behind Les Stroud is Fanshawe High School and College, where he studied the music industry arts program. Stroud has been an assistant producer for MuchMusic and music video production supervisor for artists Corey Hart and Rush. He also composed songs for the band New Regime and played the harmonica. It is this instrument that is heard in his first album, where Les played folk music, acoustics and blues. But a canoe trip to Temagami changed his life path dramatically.


In 1990, Stroud led canoe excursions in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. He was enrolled in Black Feather Wilderness Adventures as a guide. During this period, fate brings him to his future wife Susan Jemison, who worked as a photographer. They became married in 1994, and their year-long honeymoon in Wabakimi, Ontario was the subject of the documentary Snowshoes and Solitude. Next, the couple moved to Yellowknife, where Stroud became an outdoor instructor. Already in Huntsville, the young family had two children. But in 2008, Jamison and Stroud divorced.

Stroud filmed his show for the Canadian Discovery Channel. In 2001, viewers saw 2 episodes «Winter in the Wild» and «One Week in the Wild». Then came Survivorman. The presenter was left alone with the wilderness, with almost no equipment, and recorded his survival experience on camera.

Stroud was a member of the «Adventure Race» and the Canadian Championship. In 2010, he acted as an executive producer for 2 parts of Survive This.

Stroud owns awards for the best folk, blues and acoustic performance, awards from two festivals of northern music (New Liskeard). His documentary Snowshoes and Solitude was named Best Documentary at the Muskoka Film Festival and Best Film at the Waterwalker Film Festival. Stroud was nominated for 6 Gemini awards for his Survivorman project. Then he, along with his film crew, participated in the nomination for the best youth or children’s program «Survive This».

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