Briton Michael W. Pritchard has developed a rather unique product — the Lifesaver Bottle. According to the developer himself, a perfectly balanced filter for water purification in the field, which effectively combines a membrane filter, a carbon filter, an ultraviolet lamp and cleans almost all known bacteria, microbes, viruses and other harmful and pathogenic microorganisms, while maintaining its useful mineral composition and essential salts.


Thanks to the Lifesaver Bottle filter, with a declared capacity of at least 750 ml and a total «dry» weight of no more than 635 grams, it became possible to draw water from almost any source: rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps and even puddles, use it and not worry about possible consequences. The Lifesaver Bottle filter can disinfect and purify up to 2.5 liters of water in just 1 minute. The resource of the main cartridge is enough for 4000 liters, which, upon expiration, is automatically blocked by the patented Failsafe technology, which additionally protects against possible unconscious infection.

At this stage, the approximate cost of the Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF filter is about $ 160, excluding delivery (in some stores they ask for no more than $ 120 for a filter), a filter with a resource of 6000 liters — Lifesaver Bottle 6000UF, is estimated by the manufacturer within $ 190.

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