The LifeStraw brand, under which Vestergaard has been developing and manufacturing small reusable water filters for both the civilian and military markets for about 10 years, has introduced its latest product — the LifeStraw GO water bottle. A replaceable reusable cleaning filter is integrated into the bottle. This filter is able to clean up to 1000 liters of 99.9999% of known bacteria and 99.9% of parasites, and also does not let any particles through and reduces the «turbidity» of the water. Such properties of the filter allow you to safely drink water from almost any natural source.


The bottle itself is completely made of transparent and safe (does not contain bisphenol A) plastic, it does not have a negative effect on the body, water does not taste and smell like plastic when consumed. The bottle is closed with a plastic cap with a special mouthpiece. In addition, a small metal carabiner is attached to the bottle.


A bottle of LifeStraw GO is available online now for under €32.


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