California-based Kitanica, which is well known for its original designs of rugged field clothing, has unveiled a new line of lightweight long and short sleeved casual shirts, Lightweight Vented Shirts (LWV Shirts). Unlike Over Shirtwhich was one of the company’s first shirts and was a kind of combination of a tunic with a tactical shirt, the LWV Shirt is positioned as a lightweight casual shirt with advanced ventilation.

The LWV Shirt is made of a mixed rip-stop material, which includes 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the density of the material is not more than 128 grams per square meter. The design of the long sleeve shirt has a very classic collar, reinforced elbows, rather large chest pockets that are placed at an angle, the left pocket is complemented by a panel for pens, pencils, etc. In addition, the design of the LWV Shirt provides ventilation panels that are formed AMY/Sorbtek thin polyester mesh, quick-drying mesh treated with an antibacterial compound.


A new line of lightweight casual shirts Kitanica LWV Shirts is already available for order in the company’s official store. The shirts are available exclusively in plain black, with long and short sleeve options priced at $119 and $112 respectively.

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