At the beginning of 2014, the Ukrainian trademark A.T.A.K.A. is preparing to release a new specialized organizer case called Map Tab and a completely new, previously unannounced FAST MAG (Modular Advanced Gear) series of universal pouches, which will be available in five different sizes. All new items will be made from original Cordura nylon material.and will initially be available in MultiCam, A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG colorways, as well as solid color options in black and sand.


The Map Tab field organizer case is a durable fold-out case for an A4, A5 or A6 map, with additional compartments for a notepad and office supplies, and can also be used to carry tablets. The nylon cover is folded and closed with two nylon tapes with Velcro, Velcro is sewn between the tapes for attaching identifiers. On the reverse side of the cover there are classic PALS slings and an elastic cord.


The Map Tab case will be available both empty and complete. The latter version, in addition to the cover itself, includes a plastic holder with an A5 clamping bar, an A6 notepad, a plastic officer’s ruler, a straight ruler with a scale of up to 20 cm and a set of 4 ballpoint pens. The cost of a complete case will be $3.6 higher than the base case, the cost of the entire set, depending on the choice of color, can vary from $43 to $46.


The new series of pouches FAST MAG (Modular Advanced Gear) is based on the idea of ​​TACO pouches from the American manufacturer High Speed ​​Gear Inc., but has a number of advantages. Among the main differences, there are no edged tapes in FAST MAG pouches that cover the main color of the pouch, there is no need to use plastic Malice Clips to fasten the pouch, the design of the pouches provides a special flexible tape for attaching to any standard PALS-sling. In addition to side plastic holders, FAST MAG magazine pouches will be complemented by a removable elastic cord for fixing on top.


Initially, pouches will be produced in five versions: for one pistol magazine or flashlight, multi-tool, double pouch for pistol magazines, pouch for automatic magazine (AK, M4 / AR15, G36) or RDG-2 smoke bombs, double pouch for automatic magazine and magazine pouch under the store of the carbine «Vepr». The start date of sales, and the cost of pouches is still unknown.


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