Husband and wife Eric and Nicky Kahn have developed ModBag, a universal modular packaging and sorting system that allows you to turn almost any bag and backpack into a functional product for carrying photographic equipment. The entire ModBag modular system is made of dense and waterproof neoprene, the elasticity of which allows you to comfortably mount the system in a bag and completely fold it when needed.


Only four ModBag size options have been developed, from Small for small women’s handbags and backpacks to X-Large, the case is designed for large travel bags and is equipped with a large number of partitions of different sizes. Each case comes with a set of removable scented partitions, the design of which allows them to be positioned in full accordance with the requirements of the owner.


The project is new and is just gaining momentum on Kickstarter, the developers plan to raise $10,000 by August 8 to start production, more than $1,000 has already been raised. The cost of ModBag varies from $25 to $75 depending on the size, it is also possible to order a whole set of three cases for $200. The ModBag system can be used not only for sorting and protecting photographic equipment, its design is suitable for the usual sorting of personal items in bags and backpacks where the number of departments is limited.

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