In addition to the release of the new MSR TrailShot compact filter, which was announced last summer, the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) brand has updated the MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter line this season, making them lighter, more compact and more convenient to use. At the moment, the lineup includes only two models with a tank of 2 and 4 liters..


The MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter gravity water filtration system consists of a translucent tank with measuring marks, which is made of dense food-grade polyethylene, a fairly wide transparent hose with a connector, a small membrane filter and a universal threaded drinker. The two-liter version weighs about 300 grams, which is almost 220 grams lighter than the previous generation. The version with a capacity of 4 liters, including all elements of the system, is only 20 grams heavier.


For effective water purification, the MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter system provides a small and lightweight membrane filter that can purify water from 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, 99.99% of various microbes and small particles. At the same time, the filter is not able to purify water from possible viruses, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. The filtration speed, regardless of the choice of model, is up to 1.75 liters per minute.

The updated filtration systems MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter are already available for ordering both through the manufacturer’s website and the main official distributors, and through the showcase on amazon. The cost of filters, depending on the choice of the seller and model, varies from 110 to 120 US dollars.

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