American developer Liquidity Nanotech Corporation launched its campaign on Kickstarter this month to raise the necessary funds to launch a new compact personal water filter — a filter with the commercial name Naked Filter.


As the developers themselves assure, the new filter is distinguished by its small size, ease of use, compatibility with many sports bottles, as well as the efficiency of water purification from bacteria, parasites, Giardia and other small particles whose size exceeds 0.2 microns. Purification takes place without any expectations, the filtered water is ready for use immediately.


The Naked Filter consists of only five elements, namely a cylindrical mesh plastic housing with two caps, a special nanofiber polymer membrane and an activated carbon rod are placed inside the housing. The life of the filter is limited only by its capacity, the more contaminants in the water, the faster the filter will clog.


To successfully complete the campaign and launch the filter into production, the developers need to raise $40,000, more than $35,000 has already been raised. The minimum pre-order for the Naked Filter Basic Kit, which includes one sports bottle and filter, is only $14, shipping is free.

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