Next season, the famous American brand New Balance, or rather, its specialized division New Balance Sports Monitors (NBMonitors), which today already offers about two dozen different electronic devices for sports and fitness, plans to release a new sports watch called NBX1010. In addition to the watch, the new NBX1010 has an additional set of features that essentially turn the novelty into a compact physical activity tracker.


Little is known about the new device. It is known that the NBX1010 bracelet watch with LED dot display will be enclosed in a rubber sealed case. Switching and control of functions will be carried out by only one button. In addition to displaying the time and date, NBX1010 will track the distance traveled, the number of steps and calories burned, as well as track sleep phases. All collected information can be transferred via the built-in Bluetooth module to an iOS or Android device with pre-installed special software.


The new New Balance NBX1010 sports watch will be available in a variety of solid color options for an estimated retail price of around $80, with a launch date yet to be announced.

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