Recently, Timex introduced a new collection of Men’s Linear Chronographs from the premium Intelligent Quartz series, which currently has six models (T2P272ZA, T2P273ZA, T2P274ZA, T2P275ZA, T2P276ZA and T2P277ZA). Watches differ from each other by the structure and design of the dial, the design of the bezel, the shape of the buttons, the type and color of the strap. Functionally, the watch is absolutely identical, except for the functions of displaying the time and date of the month, there is a chronograph that allows you to measure time periods up to 4 hours.


The Linear Chronograph collection can be roughly divided into sporty and classic models. The T2P272ZA, T2P273ZA and T2P274ZA models feature a sportier design, a steel rotating bezel and a 47mm steel sealed case. The T2P272ZA and T2P274ZA are available with a rubber strap and cost $225, while the T2P273ZA comes with a stainless steel bracelet and is priced at $250. T2P275ZA, T2P276ZA and T2P277ZA have a more classic design, a steel case is complemented by a leather strap, the recommended price is $195.


  • Timex has expanded its sports line with the new Ironman T200 watch, which stands out with an interval timer and an extended stopwatch.

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