One of the latest additions to the well-known Browning brand in a separate specialized tactical Black Label line is the Shock N’ Awesome Tomahawk, which is essentially a larger version of the 2012 ax model called Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk, which became very popular due to its design and compact size.


The all-metal ax Shock N’ Awesome Tomahawk is made using 1055 high carbon steel with a declared hardness in the range of 50-55 HRC. The extended handle has a combined design, textured G10 material overlays are added to the metal core. The total length of the new ax is at least 330 mm, the length of the cutting edge has decreased by only 3 mm compared to the previous version, and is about 67 mm.


The new ax Browning Shock N’ Awesome Tomahawk has already begun to appear on the shelves of some official dealers of the company, the recommended retail price of the novelty is within $133. The ax comes with a molded scabbard with a Tek-Lok mount from Blade-Tech.


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