The ATAKA trademark opened the year with the announcement of a new military field expeditionary backpack under the commercial name «Forwarder». The new product is based on the design of the classic «Bergen» raid backpack, which has been modified to meet modern trends in the production of military equipment, as well as taking into account compatibility with the existing line of unloading platform equipment..


The new raid backpack is made primarily from Cordura nylon material with a density of at least 1000 denier, the bottom and back are reinforced with a double layer. The elements of the suspension system are also made using nylon material, which covers the flexible foam inserts. All used plastic fittings are produced by the Italian company Due Emme (2M). The total declared weight of a 65-75 liter expedition backpack does not exceed 2.8 kg.


The suspension system of the new backpack is made up of aluminum arches, wide shoulder straps with padded back pads and a chest bridge, a wide waist pad and a fully removable unloading belt that is compatible with all models of ATAKA backpacks. The design of the fastening of the combined shoulder straps allows you to adjust their placement in height.


The design of the raid backpack «Forwarder» provides for the main volumetric compartment for 35-40 liters of usable volume, with top loading and a nylon valve in the upper part. On the sides there are removable general-purpose pouches with a volume of 10 liters each, on top there is a removable compression compartment-valve for 10-15 liters with three separate compartments. To expand the volume on the outside, eight rows of standard PALS-slings and several adjustable compression slings are provided. In particular, one pair of the lower straps is specially designed for mooring a USM (Universal Sleeping Mat) or Modular Sleep System (MSS).


Sales of the new raid backpack ATAKA «Forwarder» should start on January 11, both plain and camouflage options are available for order, including the colors of MultiCam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, PenCott GreenZone and PenCott SnowDrift. The cost of a backpack, depending on the choice of colors, will vary between 110-125 dollars.

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