Eberlestock, renowned for its high-quality and functional backpacks for both the military tactical and hunting markets, has introduced the B1 Combat Office shoulder bag for the first time. The bag is made of traditional materials for the company and includes a special compartment for a laptop and a hidden compartment for transporting handguns..


The Eberlestock B1 Combat Office bag is predominantly made of Cordura nylon material of different densities, the maximum density of the material does not exceed 1000 denier. All zippers are exclusively manufactured by YKK. The design of the new bag, with a total useful volume of about 14 liters, provides for an external platform valve panel with a reinforcing layer of Hypalon material, which closes a set of different-sized pouches with a zipper. Further, there is an organizer compartment, a «soft» compartment for a laptop and a «flat» compartment for documents.

At the top of the bag there is a hidden entrance to a special pocket-compartment, which provides a mount for a pistol and a pair of pockets for personal documents. The entrance to the pocket is closed with a set of magnets, which should prevent attracting attention when opening the compartment.


To date, the Eberlestock B1 Combat Office Casual Bag is available in Black, Dry Earth and UNICAM II, a self-designed pixelated camo, for $150 for the plain color version. The total weight of the empty bag is approx. 1.54 kg, dimensions: 33 x 46 x 13 cm. >

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