Custom knife brand Fallen Oak Forge today took to their facebook page to unveil a new limited edition everyday knife called the FOF Night Shift. The novelty stands out for its shape, dimensions, overall light weight, enhanced functionality and ease of use. The knife can be worn both on the belt and on the neck using a special sheath.


Knife FOF Night Shift from a single piece of high-carbon steel grade 52100, the maximum thickness of the steel is not more than 3.18 mm. The steel is painted in matt black gunmetal finish. In addition to the sharp blade, the design of the knife includes a set of wrenches (6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm), a bottle opener and a bit holder. The total length of the knife is almost 150 mm, while the length of the blade is at least 89 mm.


The new everyday knife Fallen Oak Forge Night Shift is estimated by the manufacturer at $205, shipping costs are not included in this figure. The knife comes with a completely black molded sheath made of Kydex thermoplastic, the sheath is complemented by a steel clip.


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