At the end of this week, the California company KUIU, which, as you know, is engaged exclusively in the production of clothing and equipment for hunters, announced a new model of a two-person camping tent KUIU Storm Star 2P Tent (Storm Star 2P 4-Season Tent). The tent is positioned as a four-season tent, the manufacturer highlights a solid construction, good resistance to precipitation and enough capacity for two hunters to rest with equipment.


The rearranged tent has a traditional two-layer hemisphere construction with frame arches on the outside. The upper protective layer is made mainly of 30 denier rip-stop nylon, the material is treated on both sides with silicone and polyurethane. To reinforce the joints, an overlay made of durable and wear-resistant laminated material X-PAC TX07, manufactured by Dimension Polyant, which specializes in the production of sails, is used.


The inner tent is made using 30% rip-stop nylon with a water-repellent treatment only, which allows for the necessary ventilated layer. The bottom of the tent is also made of rip-stop nylon, only the density of the material is already 40 denier plus double-sided water-repellent treatment with silicone and polyurethane. The water resistance of the outer tent is declared within 3000 mm id. Art., while the bottom is guaranteed to withstand 4000 mm id. Art.


To set up the KUIU Storm Star 2P Tent, three DAC Featherlite NSL aluminum poles are used, the diameter of which is no more than 9.3 mm, the length is 370 and 406 cm, and the total weight is almost 570 grams. The pegs are made of aluminum, there are 12 pieces in total, 19 cm and 15 cm long, and with a total weight of 142 grams.

The design of the tent itself provides for two entrances with spacious enough vestibules to accommodate shoes, a backpack and weapons, several small pockets and mounts inside, as well as a couple of ventilation tunnels. The dimensions of the installed two-dimensional tent do not exceed 210 cm in length, 117-142 cm in width and 101 cm in height. The total area occupied is 4.26 m², the living area is almost 2.74 m², the area of ​​one vestibule is 0.76 m², the area of ​​a separate bedding is 2.54 m². The dimensions of the tent when folded are 52 x 19 cm, the maximum weight of the tent with pegs and a transport cover is 2.67 kg.

Free sales of the two-man camping tent KUIU Storm Star 2P Tent should start closer to the fall of 2016, it is already possible to pre-order. The estimated cost of a new tent is $550.

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