FINIS, following SwiMP3, last week introduced another accessory, to the delight of swimming enthusiasts, the new Hydro Tracker ™ GPS tracker, which is primarily ornamented for swimmers, more precisely for swimmers in open water. Hydro Tracker GPS is a small device with minimal controls and maximum functionality. The design of the device allows you to securely fasten it to the elastic band of glasses or an arm or leg using a strap.


A waterproof GPS tracker with a fully charged lithium-ion battery is capable of continuously collecting data on the location of an athlete, his speed, recording the route traveled and the time spent on overcoming the distance for up to 16 hours. All received data can be synchronized and analyzed using the free software depersonalization FINIS Streamline Training Log. The $130 Hydro Tracker GPS can also be used away from the water, on hikes, bike rides, cross country runs, and more.

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