Following the E4K flashlight model, Nitecore brand introduced another novelty — a relatively small pocket LED flashlight called NE02, which also runs on a 21700 battery and is equipped with four CREE brand LEDs. Among the main advantages of the novelty, the manufacturer highlights the relatively compact size of the device, high brightness and battery life, as well as the ability to charge the battery through the built-in port..


The Nitecore NE02 model is made in a durable and sealed case (123.4 x 34 mm, 172.5 g, IPX8) made of aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish. Inside, there are four CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs (2700lm, 5400 cd, 147 m) and a 21700 battery, which is charged via the provided secure USB-C port. The battery charge level and the progress of its charge are signaled by a separate LED.


The functionality of the universal flashlight Nitecore NE02 provides the ability to work in five brightness modes, which are divided into Turbo (2700lm, 147 m, 0.75 h.), High (1250lm, 95 m, 2.2 h.), Mid (240lm, 40 m, 9 h. ), Low (75lm, 21m, 45h) and minimum Ultralow (5lm, 5m, 310h). Switching available modes is carried out with one button on the end.


Free sales of the Nitecore NE02 flashlight will begin in the near future, the recommended retail price has not yet been specified by the manufacturer. The package includes a removable steel clip, a lanyard, a cord for charging the battery and a transport pouch.


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