Nitecore brand, a well-known manufacturer of LED flashlights and chargers, this week expanded its collection of everyday accessories with a new small, light and durable carabiner called Nitecore NSH10 (Multiuse Titanium Snap Hook). The presented novelty combines several functions, and was created mainly for hanging various relatively small and light objects, for example, a bunch of keys.


The carabiner is made from a single piece of titanium alloy on a CNC machine, the accuracy of which is not less than 0.001 mm. In addition to the carabiner-keychain, which is realized with a spring-loaded stainless steel clip, the novelty includes a bottle opener, a scraper and a slotted screwdriver. The overall dimensions of the carabiner do not exceed 49 mm in length, 25.5 mm in width and 3.8 mm in thickness, the weight of the product is only 7.5 grams.


Presented pocket rifle Nitecore NSH10 will go on sale in the coming days. At the moment, only one design and size option has been announced. The future retail price of the novelty has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer.


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