The American knife brand Fallen Oak Forge, without slowing down, continues to release more and more custom novelties, following the recently introduced FOF Inquisitor and FOF Jackal, the company has announced at least three new models, among which is the original combat karambit FOF Minion. Initially, the novelty was developed for one collector from Germany.whose collection includes karambits from various countries.


The FOF Minion curved full-tail karambit blade is made of high-quality 5160 carbon steel, the manufacturer claims a hardness of 57 HRC. Traditionally for the brand, steel is completely covered with natural patina. A comfortable ergonomic handle is formed by two overlays made of Micarta material, the overlays are fixed with through rivets. The total length of the new FOF Minion knife reaches 184 mm, while the blade length is at least 95.3 mm, the maximum width is about 39.7 mm, the thickness on the butt is 6.35 mm.


The Fallen Oak Forge Minion karambit comes with an all black Kydex thermoplastic sheath. The estimated cost of new items is not less than 345 dollars.

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