Recently, the Böker Plus brand has opened a call for orders for the new Böker Plus Mako outdoor knife, which is based on a previously released custom knife model from American designer Danny Parris. The new knife is positioned by the manufacturer as a durable and comfortable knife for working in the field, which stands out for its ergonomic handle, durable full-tail construction and attractive functional design..


The full-tail blade of the Böker Plus Mako knife is made of American-made 440C stainless steel. The hardness of the steel used is declared at 58 HRC. The ergonomic handle of the novelty is formed by textured completely black G10 overlays, which are complemented by a thin red backing from the same material. The handle is secured with three pairs of torx bolts. There is no lanyard hole.


The total length of the presented Böker Plus Mako outdoor knife is 205 mm, while the length of the most polished blade is exactly 100 mm, the thickness on the butt is 4.5 mm. The weight of the novelty, excluding the molded Kydex thermoplastic sheath, does not exceed 207 grams. The thermoplastic sheath is complemented by the usual polymer fastening for a belt.


The new Böker Plus Mako Utility Knife (02BO0002) is currently only available from the official online store and is priced at $113. The knife is made in Germany.

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