Outdoor Research has introduced a new generation of winter outdoor gloves OR Lodestar Gloves, which are made using the previously announced 3DFit technology. The new model OR Lodestar Sensor Gloves, as before, is positioned by the manufacturer as comfortable and warm gloves for active use in mountain conditions, which now, among other things, will also allow you to interact with capacitive touch displays.


The gloves are made using a two-layer material Polartec Power Shield High Loft. The outer layer is made of dense nylon with a water-repellent treatment, the inner layer is highly fleecy thermal insulating layer composed of 95% polyester fibers and 5% spandex. The palm and partially fingers are made of genuine goat leather, which is lined on the inside with fleece material.


Compared to the 2013 model, the OR Lodestar Sensor Gloves received a rubberized adjustable cuff and the ability to interact with the touch screens of mobile devices. At the same time, the gloves lost the leather reinforcement on the back of the palm, which, according to the developers, reduced the freedom of movement of the hand and, in general, increased the weight of the product.


New winter insulated gloves OR Lodestar Sensor Gloves will be on sale closer to mid-autumn 2016, the estimated cost of the model will be $95.

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