The young Canadian company Twothirds Water, the main engineer of Bradley Pierik, has posted on Iindiegogo a project for a compact and easy-to-use water filter called Tapp. The filter is built on the Hollow Fiber Microfilter membrane, which was developed for hemodialysis machines (artificial kidney), the pores of the membrane are so small that they trap up to 99% of dirt, parasites and bacteria.


The filter can be rotated in three positions, from open to closed and into a third cleaning position. The Tapp design is compatible with standard plastic bottle threads and hydraulic hoses. At the moment, the Tapp filter is at the stage of a test prototype, it is necessary to raise $20,000 to launch it in production, and almost $2,000 has already been raised. The cost of pre-ordering with international shipping is $93.

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