The 5.11 Burner shooting goggles, as well as all 5.11 Tactical goggles, are made in collaboration with the well-known American company Wiley X, which has many years of experience in the development and production of various types of goggles and masks, both for athletes and for employees law enforcement, military, rescuers, etc. Model 5.11 Burnner first appeared on the market at the beginning of 2012, and since then it is available in two versions: Burner Half Frame and Burner Full Frame, which differ from each other in the structure of the frame. The design of the frame in the Burnner Half Frame model, which will be discussed, allows for a quick change of lenses.

The complete set of the 5.11 Burner Half Frame model includes a hard black nylon case that can be worn both on a belt and attached to standard PALS-slings, an elastic wipe-down case with shooting goggles with smoked lenses, a double-sided elastic case with interchangeable transparent and orange lenses, an adjustable fixing cord, as well as a user manual and a separate small leaflet with instructions for changing lenses. The workmanship of the glasses and accessories themselves is very high, all the markings are applied evenly and clearly, the frame fits without any backlash and irregularities.


The 5.11 Burner Half Frame glasses have a low profile design and cover a relatively small area of ​​the face. Therefore, I would consider them, first of all, as small and light shooting glasses with optimal eye protection, which can be used as everyday glasses, glasses for non-shooting sports, for hunting, fishing, or as shooting glasses during practice target exercises.

It seems to me that this model is not suitable for airsoft or similar sports, where there is a high probability of getting a small bullet (ball) in the face. When comparing the protection area of ​​the 5.11 Burner Half Frame and the ESS Crossbow, the 5.11 Burner loses almost 1 cm in length and 1.5 cm in height. Thus, the 5.11 Burner goggles fit less to the face, leaving dangerous «slits» on the sides and bottom.


The glasses fit snugly, do not press, but do not fall off when tilted and with sudden movements of the head. For greater confidence, they can be additionally fixed with the included SlickStick cord. The lace itself is not elastic, as is usually the case, it is a regular braided lace with two plastic rings for attaching to the temples of the glasses, and a plastic slider for tightening. The frame is almost entirely made of lightweight and flexible plastic, which is called Grilamid TR-90 Nylon. The nose pad is completely made of soft rubber, which does not squeeze the nose and does not allow the glasses to «slip off».

All 5.11 Burner Half Frame lenses are made of Selenite ballistic polycarbonate, protect against mechanical damage according to the international standards ANSI Z87.1-2003 (Z87+) and CE-EN-166, and provide complete eye protection from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the lenses themselves are protected by T-shell technology, which prevents scuffs and scratches. Each lens is labeled, smoked and orange lenses are marked WX+S, clear WX+. The «WX» mark indicates that the lens is ANSI certified and manufactured by Wiley X. The «+» mark ensures that the lens meets ANSI High Velocity Impact standards. The «S» mark indicates that the lenses are tinted. The frames of the glasses are also marked WX Z87-2, which means that the frame is made by Wiley X, it complies with ANSI standards and allows the use of prescription lenses.

Replacing the lenses is simple enough to remove the lens by only slightly bending the nosepiece and pulling the lens down. To insert the lens back, the lens is initially inserted into the groove in the corner of the frame, then you need to bend the nose stop again and push the lens up. The lens sits securely in the frame, does not hang out.


In Ukraine, a complete set of 5.11 Burner Half Frame protective shooting glasses can be purchased through the PROF1 Group store chain, which is the only official representative of 5.11 Tactical in Ukraine, the price of a complete set is $138.

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