ECW Tactical leather gloves are positioned by the manufacturer as durable and insulated gloves for field conditions during the cold season. Gloves are made by the Ukrainian manufacturer P1G-Tac, using durable and wear-resistant natural materials, time-tested synthetic insulation, as well as a modern cut that is designed to protect hands from mechanical damage. ECW Tactical gloves were released for this winter season, most likely, last year’s P1G-Tac CWTLG (Cold Wether Tactical Lether Gloves) model was taken as the basis, the outer protective lining of which was made of carbon fiber.


All black gloves are made from genuine goat leather, modern Thinsulate synthetic insulation and a Hipora® lining membrane, which is considered extremely durable and resistant to bending. Unlike the popular carbon fiber often found in similar products, all areas most prone to injury are reinforced and protected by leather with elastic damping elements. Naturally, this significantly increases the overall mobility of the hand, plus the protective elements of the back of the hand (knuckles) and the bases of the fingers are made with an «accordion». The issue of protection was approached comprehensively, in a slightly futuristic cut of gloves, palm protection is provided with an additional layer of skin, protection of fingers and knuckles from the back, as well as protection of the wrist with a tight cuff and a damping insert of a triangular shape.


It is not surprising that the gloves fit very tightly, and, as in principle, any product made of genuine leather requires some time to be worn. It is because of this that at first gloves may seem ineffective and with poor protection from the cold, and the reason for this is squeezed brushes and poor blood circulation. It took several hours for the gloves to acquire the necessary shape and elasticity. After that, the gloves revealed their full potential, the hands were warm and very comfortable at an air temperature of -22ºC.

It is quite convenient to hold the weapon, of course, the sensitivity of the trigger is lost, but not critical. But controlling the touch screen of a mobile device and tying shoelaces will require additional dexterity and skills. Despite the fact that there is a suede pad on the palms, which should prevent slippage, its area seemed to me not enough, for example, when holding smooth metal objects. Here, a textured polyurethane overlay or coating on the entire palm would do just fine, although I don’t know how these materials would behave at low temperatures.


I must say that the gloves are made of very high quality, basically everything is stitched evenly and with a double seam, there are also no external tears in the skin from the seams between the fingers. The elastic design of the neck and the power reserve of the cuff with Velcro allow you to fix the gloves, both on the inside of the sleeve and on the outside. The lining is soft and pleasant to the touch; Despite all efforts, the P1G-Tac ECW Tactical gloves did not get wet.


Despite the fact that winter gloves are positioned as «tactical gloves for the field», I’m sure they should be perfect for employees of security and search and rescue organizations, lovers of winter hunting and fishing, motorists and other people for whom hand protection is as important as warm.

P1G-Tac ECW Tactical ordered from the PROF1 Group store, available in sizes M-XXL, cost — $44. By the way, gloves also fell under the company’s New Year’s campaign, until December 31, 2012, they can be purchased at 12% cheaper.

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