Earlier this year at the SHOT Show 2013, 5.11 Tactical announced their first S+R (Search and Rescue) LED headlamp models: the 5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp and 5.11 S+R H6 Headlamp. Both models were developed for search teams of rescuers and rapid response teams, the main goal — provide a reliable and sufficiently powerful light source with the ability to adjust it, while leaving your hands free. The main difference between 5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp and 5.11 S+R H6 Headlamp is power and number of LEDs.

Flashlight 5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp consists of a black plastic body (IPX4) with bright control buttons, adjustable fixing elastic band and a durable removable battery case. In addition to the flashlight, the package comes with a detailed user manual and a set of three Duracell AA batteries. The workmanship of the flashlight and its components is at a high level, for the entire time of use, for three months, everything remained intact and working.


Separately, I would like to note the suspension system. The suspension system consists of a horizontal and vertical section of an elastic band with a width of no more than 25 mm, the sections are attached to each other with plastic elements, which serve as the base for the case with batteries and the flashlight itself. The elastic is adjustable, both on the side and on top. The 5.11 brand logo is applied on the outside, and on the inside there are two thin silicone strips, which in turn provides a more secure fit to the head or to a “slippery” helmet. To attach the lantern to the helmet, it was necessary to “release” the elastic band to the maximum, while the tension was enough to put it back on the head, without adjustment.


Three LEDs are installed inside the sealed plastic body of the flashlight, two LEDs that give a soft diffused light, and one bright and direct Cree XP-G2 LED. The LEDs are separated and turn on individually, the top button activates the bright central LED, the bottom one turns on the LEDs on the sides. Switching modes is carried out by the same buttons. In order not to turn on the flashlight accidentally, for example, while carrying it in a pocket or pouch, a lock button is provided on the left side of the flashlight. Another noteworthy point is that the lantern is fixed to the plastic platform with only one movable joint at the bottom, which allows you to «tilt» it vertically and fix it in six positions.

In total, 5.11 S + R H3 Headlamp has six operating modes, in the maximum mode all three LEDs are activated simultaneously with a maximum power of 338 lumens. According to the manufacturer, in this mode, the flashlight on a full charge of batteries should work for 5 hours and 25 minutes. In fact, it turned out that a flashlight with three fresh Duracell batteries can work for almost 5 hours 41 minutes, and with only one central LED (286 lumens) turned on to the maximum — 8 hours 18 minutes. At the same time, objects were well distinguished at a distance of at least 120 meters. The duration of the headlamp in economy modes has not been tested.

As mentioned earlier, the flashlight is powered by three AA batteries, the batteries are placed in a removable sealed plastic case (pencil case). There are three orange buttons on the pencil case, the front button allows you to open the pencil case and «load» the batteries, when you press the button on the end, a small LED lights up, which indicates the battery level, the button located at the bottom allows you to completely detach the pencil case from the platform. Instead of a basic case with batteries, it is possible to use a case with a Ni-MH battery, such a case is sold separately. Personally, I prefer to use batteries that are easy to replace.

In Ukraine, the LED headlamp 5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp is sold in the PROF1 Group stores, the cost of a complete set is no more than $117.

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