Before choosing a metal detector, it is worth getting acquainted with the variety of models, and most importantly, with their technical features. AKA has been developing and manufacturing search equipment since 1993 and, it should be noted, very successfully. Today, it has more than 60 patents to its credit, and its products create serious competition for global brands. AKA metal detectors are most popular among individuals who are amateur and professionally engaged in archeology, mining, searching for treasures and lost things.

Top best AKA metal detectors

Signum MFD 7272M PRO v 4.0

Signum MFD 7272M PRO v 4.0 metal detector

The improved flagship model allows you to detect weak signals at a greater depth: from 1.5 m it will “see” the treasure, from 60 cm — a nickel from the time of Catherine II, and from 30 cm — scales. To increase the efficiency of operation, the metal detector comes with a deep firmware, which helps to search at depth and identify large objects even in heavily littered soil. The program can be turned off and the MFD version can be turned into a regular VLF by pressing one button «N: PRG», which is relevant if the target needs to be rechecked.

Search engines that have already tested the AKA novelty leave positive feedback, they write that one device replaces 2 at once. There is a convenient Ground zone cut option for more accurate detector operation by cutting out a zone with false signals. The GS filter is also useful, allowing you to select the level of signal suppression with increased soil conductivity.

Sorex PRO

Sorex PRO metal detector

The most popular model in the professional Sorex series incorporates the best software and hardware solutions. Firstly, the PRO version is multi-frequency, which allows you to use all converters from the AKA range, regardless of their size and frequency. Like its «brothers», Soreks-PRO is endowed with a unique system of visual identification of search results.

Secondly, this metal detector is capable of processing the signal coming from the coil using 3 algorithms:

  • MSF — medium-speed, designed to work in lightly littered areas;
  • SSF — allows you to better distinguish trash, but it is used in an area where there is practically no garbage;
  • FSF — characterized by a high speed of signal processing from a closely located target, is intended for the detection of heavily littered areas.

The possibility of equipping the device with different-sized coils and different types of rods, switching algorithms, lightness (only 0.7 kg without a sensor) make the device one of the most versatile and most discussed metal detectors in reviews.

Berkut 5

Berkut 5 metal detector

The series «Condor» was replaced by the «Berkut» line, and the 5th model is already considered a semi-professional tool for searching for hidden and lost valuables. Its functionality provides for the performance of any tasks, but, despite the flexibility of settings, the metal detector is quite capable of mastering even an inexperienced user. To do this, it is enough to turn on the device with the button on the back of the control unit and select one of the four search programs installed at the factory and providing the possibility of individual modification.

The device is multi-frequency, and the search coil, including the 3-frequency one, can be replaced by yourself. Another interesting feature is a large German-made informative display. The VDI scale and hodograph lines are clearly visible on it, informing about the nature of the find. Thus, all the advantages of the hodography are available to the owners in full, and the appearance — one of the stumbling blocks in reviews of AKA — has become much better with such a screen.

Pilgrim 7247

Pilgrim 7247 metal detector

As your first metal detector, it is better to get Pilgrim-7247, the production of which the company resumed after a 5-year break is not by chance. It has all the basic functions necessary for a comfortable search and is quite easy to manage.

The straight bar design is simple and reliable, working at good depth. At maximum settings, the device detects a 2.5 cm coin at a depth of up to 40 cm, but it is mainly designed to search for large black metal objects 200 cm from the ground. There are few disadvantages for a budget metal detector: slow, no display — only a multi-tone sound indicator. Batteries do not drain quickly, autonomy is enough for 10 hours, and to increase it, you need to regularly check the contacts in order to tighten them in time.

Condor 3M

Condor 3M metal detector

Another entry-level metal detector with AKA proprietary technologies, but with a fairly modest, judging by the reviews, target detection depth of up to 1.7 m. 30 cm) or silver scales (14 cm). So that the seeker does not make a mistake and does not waste energy on each nail, the model is equipped with a discriminator and a hodograph, and there is automatic balancing for trouble-free adaptation to the characteristics of the soil.

In addition, a spatial-harmonic filtering algorithm (SFT) has been introduced into the device, which makes it possible to reduce the effect of soil mineralization to a minimum and thereby increase the reliability of object identification. At will, you can adjust the sound indication, the backlight level of the screen, the volume of the sound of various objects. Power supply — from 4 AA elements, and the maximum operating time of the metal detector reaches 45 hours (at medium settings). If you need more settings and a greater depth of detection, the reviews advise you to pay attention to the older model of the line — Condor-7252M.


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