Carp fishing is the most exciting sport fishing experience in fresh waters. To overcome this large and strong fish is not at all easy. Half of the success depends on whether the athlete manages to somehow attract the attention of a predator, make him leave his shelter and swallow the bait. This is a serious problem considering how picky he is when it comes to food.

If we talk about the best baits for carp today, then these are boilies. Boiled or frozen balls with the addition of aromatic oils and special ingredients that attract fish. The range of boilies on the market is extensive, but before buying, you need to clearly understand which flavors are considered the most attractive.

Top best boilies for carp fishing

Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits boilie for carp

The bait has proven itself in the market and shows the maximum result when used. The secret of catchability of these boilies lies not only in perfectly adjusted ingredients, but also in the correct selection of colors. It is known that carp reacts not only to smell, but also to color. Dynamite Baits are made with a special luminescent food coloring that attracts fish along with the flavor. Also, the advantages of the bait include resistance to exhalation. The balls retain their aroma for at least 36 hours and at the same time slowly soak in water.

The Dynamite Baits line is very diverse. There are both traditional crab aromas and quite exotic ones, such as pineapple or mango. Of course, in the natural environment, carp do not meet with such tastes, but as practice shows, they really like them. As for the shortcomings, here it is only one — a relatively high price. Dynamite Baits are most often chosen by professional fishermen who start from the quality of the bait, not paying attention to its cost.


starbaits boilie for carp

A popular brand that has become widespread both among professional fishermen and among ordinary fans of sitting on the shore with a fishing rod. The main difference between Starbaits and its closest competitors is its affordable price without sacrificing quality. Boilies show excellent results regardless of the season. The line includes traditional flavors, crabs and shellfish used in spring and autumn, and exotic ones.

The uniqueness of the product is added by the use of special oils in the composition, which, after casting the bait, begin to exude a strong smell that is attractive to fish. The rate of weathering of oils is low, and the intensity of distribution in water, on the contrary, is high. In addition, Starbaits is one of the few brands that uses large packaging. In stores there is a small container, 300-500 grams each, and a package of 2.5 kilograms.

main line

main line boilie for carp

Mainline carp boilies differ from competitors primarily in their shape. These are oblong baits measuring only 10 millimeters. The bottom line is that baits are most often specially produced in sizes from 15 to 20 mm. This allows you to catch exactly the carp, as other fish simply ignore the bait of this size. Mainline managed to reduce the size of the bait by almost half, but due to the special shape, it is carp that is caught on it.

The brand has a huge number of different flavors and aromas. For summer, caramel and fruity scents are suitable, while in spring and autumn, more traditional crabs and shellfish. The manufacturer also produces special aromatic oils and sprays that enhance the attractiveness of the bait. In reservoirs with a large number of carp, they are not necessary, since boilies already show excellent results, but in few fishing places they can be very useful.


Pelican boilie for carp

The main distinguishing feature of Pelican boilies is the use of exclusively natural ingredients in the production, without chemical impurities and special artificial flavors. The balls are made from natural flour on quail eggs, which ensures the resistance of the bait to erosion and gives it an additional aroma and taste that attracts carp.

However, the rejection of the use of chemical flavors did not affect the variety of baits. In addition to traditional corn, plum and crab meat, there are also exotic options, such as tutti frutti, which are essentially a mixture of various fruit flavors that have proven themselves well in summer and early autumn.

Richworth Airo Pop-Up Pineapple Hawaiian (Pineapple)

Richworth Airo Pop-Up Pineapple Hawaiian boilie for carp

Richworth floating boilies are among the most sought after in the fishing community. Having survived a slight rebranding, which affected only the packaging methods (but not the taste variety), they began to be produced in small batches of 15 pieces, in diameters of 15 and 18 millimeters. By coincidence, the majority of users voted for the Hawaiian Pineapple fragrance, noting it as the most powerful and retaining alluring effect for 24 hours. It is worth noting that this indicator is valid only for warm-water reservoirs — in cold water, these frames are lubricated either for the better or for the worse.

User feedback suggests that the new Richworth Airo Pop-Up Pineapple Hawaiian has not lost any of the quality of the relatively old versions of itself (before the rebranding). It is good to use it both as a main bait and in combination with other flavors from the same company (for example, strawberry). The only problem is the high price.

Sonik Baits corn

Sonik Baits corn boilie for carp

Floating boilies for carp, 11 mm in diameter, painted yellow. The aroma of corn is rich, persistent, and sweet. In the spring, fish are able to smell it for several tens of meters. Keeps its shape in water for at least a day. The application efficiency is very high. The bright colors are clearly visible from afar. Convenient plastic packaging is adapted for long-term storage of contents. After opening, it can be stored no more than 4 months.


ultrabaits boilie for carp

A relatively new brand on the market that has decided to take the path of direct interaction with real fishermen. The manufacturer constantly collects statistics and tests its baits on various water bodies, which allows you to regularly make changes to the composition of boilies and improve their characteristics. In the production of balls, only the best environmentally friendly raw materials are used, and the most modern technologies allow applying a special food coloring to the surface, which creates a glow.

Boilies are perfectly visible in muddy water and attract carp not only by smell and taste, but also by color. It should also be noted the presence in the line of unique flavors, such as duchesse. As practice has shown, carp really like the smell of a sweet pear, but it is practically not found in other brands, at least for now.

Martin Sb Classic Scopex

Martin Sb Classic Scopex boilie for carp

A product of the Dutch brand Martin Sb. Appetizing balls, 15 mm in diameter. The mixture is a carefully balanced composition of natural products, flavors and an amino acid complex.

The beneficial properties of the ingredients are preserved thanks to a unique production technology — drying the finished product in the sun. Long-term observations of the result of using the Martin Sb Classic Scopex allow us to assert that a good bite is guaranteed. The package contains 200 gr. product.


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