Almost at the end of the year, the P1G-Tac brand released its own version of a modular shoulder-belt system (RPS) called the Field Webbing System (FWS). Which was developed as part of the unloading platform equipment for use in the field by fighters of sabotage and reconnaissance groups during the reconnaissance raids, patrols, etc. The unloading system itself was developed as a full-fledged independent element of equipment, and at the same time as compatible as possible with previously released sets of military field equipment.


For me, the P1G-Tac Field Webbing System is a symbiosis between the early popular RPS models of the army and the modular load belt, which has become more popular recently with the development of platform vests. The presence of a developed system of shoulder straps, which allows you to increase the load of the system and expands the attachment area for equipment elements, as well as a wider waist platform for attaching pouches, as for me, are the key differences between FWS and the same unloading belt PUBS (Padded Unloading Belt w / Suspenders).

Despite a more developed suspension system, the thickness and shape of the cut of the shoulder straps, the low waist platform, as well as the absence of any protruding elements at the back and front, allows the FWS to be used in conjunction with a compact FOPC (Field Operator’s Plate Carrier) platform plate. At the same time, there is no need to remove the RPS at all and re-place the pouches. Plus, the placement of RPS belts under the vest does not increase the load on the chest, does not make the system more cumbersome, in addition, it is more difficult for the straps under the vest to catch on branches, protruding rods and other protruding elements.

The P1G-Tac Field Webbing System consists of three key elements: a shoulder platform, a waist platform and a set of adjustable nylon webbing. The outer material of the RPS is made of durable Cordura nylon material with a density of at least 1000 denier, the lining is made of nylon mesh. Inside the shoulder straps and waistband, a soft damper made of P-Foam polyurethane foam is inserted. All used plastic fittings manufactured by YKK.


The Field Webbing System is offered by the manufacturer in six color options, including MultiCam camo, A-TACS and EMP. Today, the cost of the unloading system in PROF1 Group stores, depending on the choice of color, varies from $59 to $64.

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