On our test, a mobile phone from teXet, model TM-503RS. According to its functionality, the phone belongs to the budget segment, which only benefits it. The phone has its own distinctive features, thanks to which it stands out from the crowd. The phone works in the GSM 900/1800 standard. Has a color display with a resolution of 128×160 pixelswith a diagonal of 1.77″. The case is shockproof, water and dust protection according to the IP65 standard. There is a solar battery on the back panel, an LED flashlight in the upper part of the case. The phone has a vibration call, speakerphone, FM radio. Replaceable Li-ion battery 1000mAh Device weight 116g Here are brief characteristics of the phone.Now about everything in more detail.


Opening the box, we will find inside the teXet TM-503RS phone itself, a 1000 mAh battery, a charger, wired headphones, instructions and a warranty card. The equipment is not rich, but it is fully justified by the low price of the device.

At its core, the phone is aimed at the category of people leading an active lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be athletes. For the most part, products of this class are interested in hunters, fishermen, tourists, workers, everyone whose lifestyle is associated with being in unfavorable conditions for technology. Also, the device can be suitable for children who carelessly treat things.


Against the background of modern devices, the teXet TM-503RS phone looks bulky. Case dimensions 119x56x24mm. But, despite the large dimensions, it lies comfortably in the hand, and it is quite comfortable to work with it with one hand. All buttons on the front panel are well fragmented and are at a sufficient distance from each other. There are no buttons on the other sides of the phone. Each press is accompanied by a click. You can freely dial a number or SMS on the go, even gloves on your hands will not create problems when working with the phone. The central navigation key has a grooved structure, which creates additional comfort.


The display in the phone is small, only 1.77″, with a resolution of 128×160 pixels. The characteristics of the display are completely standard for the budget segment, and it is simply pointless to demand something specific from it. The information on the display is well readable, the numbers and letters are large. Of course, under the influence In direct sunlight, the image on the display dims, but is not critical.The display is covered by an ordinary plastic glass.It is slightly recessed into the body to protect against scratches and abrasion.


On the bottom of the device is a microUSB socket for charging and connecting headphones, well protected by a rubber plug. The plug is movably fastened to the body. The length of the connection is not sufficient for comfortable work with charging, as the plug gets in the way all the time and closes the socket.

At the top of the case there are two LEDs that act as a flashlight. It is activated by long pressing the central navigation key. Remarkably, the flashlight function works even when the phone is locked. LED light is not very bright. For example, the light from the flashes of modern phones is much brighter, but the TM-503RS will easily illuminate the keyhole.


One of the interesting features of the teXet TM-503RS phone is the solar battery placed on the back cover. When exposed to direct sunlight, the phone’s battery is charged. This is a big plus for operating the device away from power lines. According to the manufacturer, half an hour in the sun should be enough for 5-7 minutes of conversation. Unfortunately, it was not possible to check these data, since the time of the year when the testing took place did not in any way favor good sunny days. But let’s take our word for it, especially since other testers wrote that the solar battery works well.


The back cover is fixed on the body with a metal bolt. This type of fastening significantly increases reliability, and a thick silicone gasket between the body and the edges of the cover well protects against moisture and dirt from penetrating inside.

The body build is good. No creaks or backlashes were found. To give more security, the case is equipped with an additional hard case that protects the sides and ends of the phone. And due to the high sides, it increases the distance between the surface and the display with a solar battery. The cover does not interfere with the work with the phone. All functions remain available. The only thing is that access to the charging socket is a little more difficult. The cover has a yellow color and the phone looks much more interesting with it.


There are no features in the internal stuffing of the phone. Everything is quite simple. The ringtone volume is not too loud. If you have your phone in your pocket, you can miss a call on the subway. This can be attributed to the reinforced hull design. Vibrating without complaints, the device vibrates and feels good in your pocket. The speaker volume is good. It was always good to hear the interlocutor. Compared to conversations in the subway on other phones, I did not feel the difference for good or bad. Normal average quality. Everything you need for such a phone.

Of the pleasant, the presence of a radio receiver can be noted. The included headset is not very comfortable. But it works without problems. The sound is loud and the wave reception is good. So it will help brighten up a couple of hours on the road.


On one battery charge with conversations for about 15-20 minutes a day, rare listening to the radio and turning on the flashlight, the phone lived with me for almost five days. And I think that this is a good result, since the standard for many modern phones at the moment is 2-3 days of work without recharging. And if teXet TM-503RS has a built-in solar battery on sunny days, I think you can last longer without recharging.


Well, now we can move on to the most interesting. To check the protective functions. Since the level of protection does not imply complete immersion in water, we will make do with partial wetting and various types of falls.

As written in the manual, the phone has a shock-resistant case and protection against water and dust according to the IP65 standard. The IP65 standard is not the highest level of protection; it cannot save the device from complete immersion in water. But it will protect from partial wetting and rain. The testing conditions were as close as possible to real life cases, from which the phone must get out alive.

The most common is falling from the hands. Ten falls on asphalt from a height of 140-150cm. The approximate level of the chest of an average person who holds the phone in front of him. All attempts were successful, both for the phone and for asphalt. During the experiments, no details fell off. And the protective cover well absorbed all blows. And most importantly, after this series of tests, the device was still alive.

Then it was decided to try the phone in more difficult conditions. Find out how well it can resist dirt and moisture. For this, a shallow park puddle was chosen, into which the phone subsequently fell. Then it was removed and washed. All this can be seen in the video below.

After carrying out the above tests, I was convinced that the phone was fully functional, albeit a little shabby. All declared degrees of protection worked well. And this means that the phone should not fail in a difficult situation. You can freely talk to him in the rain, without fear of spoiling, not being frightened every time he falls.

Summing up, we can highlight the pros and cons of the teXet TM-503RS phone.

Shockproof and dustproof case. Good build quality. A capacious battery and a long, by modern standards, battery life. The presence of a solar battery. Unpretentiousness and ease of use. One of the most important advantages of the phone, of course, is its price.

Large dimensions. The use of fragile materials of the display glass and the back panel, with excessive pressure or falling on bumps, they can burst and fail.

The cons are mainly justified by the price of the device and, most likely, for many they will not be significant arguments. The main thing is that the teXet TM-503RS phone performed well and will be an excellent choice for people leading an active lifestyle. The recommended price for teXet TM-503RS is $63.

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