The tactical vest «Nerpa» from the Russian company LLC SoyuzSpetsOsnaschenie (SSO) can already be safely called obsolete, due to its years, not modularity (the manufacturer has corrected the latter and now it is possible to purchase the Nerpa in a modular version). Despite this, I want to share my opinion about this product, because it forms an opinion about the manufacturer generally.


This unloading vest has been in operation for more than two years. The main selection criterion was reliability, which fully justified itself, for two years the Nerpa has never failed, and this is its biggest plus. Everything is sewn very soundly, when I put it on, I didn’t worry that if I got caught on something, I’d break or tear off some element of the vest. The seal is made of 100% polyester fabric on the outside, mesh on the inside and soft, shock-absorbing material on the inside.


The Nerpa fastens on the front with two plastic fasteners that can be adjusted, as well as with two nylon strips with a button that cannot be adjusted. This element is controversial for me, because. it is not always possible to latch these buttons, especially in the cold. All elements of the vest are interconnected by 25 mm polyester straps. The length of the straps allows you to adjust the vest in height from 160 cm to 195 cm, and in the circumference of the chest 96-124 cm. The free ends of the straps are twisted and fixed with rubber ties.


The vest consists of four full-fledged parts, while the functionality of the vest is small, it is designed to carry ammunition for small arms of the AK series and signaling equipment of the ROP type. The front part of the vest is the most important and functional — these are two panels with four compartments (pouches) for magazines and four for signal elements.

Each pocket contains two magazines of the AK series, the magazines are separated from each other by a rigid partition, if desired, this partition can be removed. A flexible plastic frame is sewn into the front of the pocket, which gives rigidity and retains the shape of the pocket when it is empty. 3 rows of MOLLE slings are additionally sewn on the sides. The magazine compartment closes with a brass button, which is duplicated by a small Velcro fastener. A drainage grommet is cut into the bottom of each pocket.


The back panel is soft, tightly pressed against the back, there are 4 rows of MOLLE on the outside. The shoulder straps are quite wide, quite soft, and when the vest is fully loaded, they never rubbed the shoulders. In the front part, the straps are sewn with MOLLE, which allow you to attach a pouch with a walkie-talkie or IPP. At the bottom of the vest there are loops for attaching a belt up to 6 cm wide, the loops are fixed with Velcro and a steel button. The belt takes some of the load off the shoulders and allows you to place the necessary equipment.


In the inner part of the Nerpa’s vest there is a rather dense mesh, which forms two pockets (on each chest panel), which are closed with YKK locks. Inside the pockets there is a waterproof camouflage case for documents and other important things, it closes with Velcro and is connected to the vest with a cord.


Of the minuses, one can single out the weight and the fact that it is very hot in the vest in summer. In general, this is a very solid and high-quality unloading vest, which has earned the right to life and modernization. The seal is available in black, olive and Russian numerals (EMR summer), bought at a price of $80.

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