In parallel with the previously presented Plan-C, Freelance and Freelance Extra bags, the Californian company Hazard 4 introduced several new products, including the new original Polygon and Equus bags, which, like the Freelance series, are mainly focused on photographers. Bags of approximately the same volume, almost 17 liters, but differ both in the way they are carried and in the configuration of the compartments.


Bags are made using mainly Cordura nylon material with a declared density of at least 1000 denier. From the inside, the material is covered with a double layer of polyurethane, which provides the necessary protection of the contents from moisture. All used zippers are manufactured by the well-known YKK concern, plastic fittings are from Wei Sheng.


The design of the Hazard 4 Polygon single strap backpack/bag (34 x 31 x 16 cm) includes an almost fully opening main compartment with a wide vertical entry with «soft» partitions inside, a front organizer compartment, a «flat» compartment for a tablet, as well as a small compartment for mobile devices or other necessary accessories.


The Hazard 4 Equus bag (38 x 26 x 17 cm) is designed for front chest carry, and can also be used as a regular shoulder or waist bag, taking into account the use of the included adjustable strap. The design includes two main hard compartments with a soft shockproof lining, two general purpose side compartments and a «flat» front pocket.


Sales of bags should start in the coming weeks, it is already possible to place a pre-order for bags in black or sand color. The Hazard 4 Polygon is priced at $150 and the Hazard 4 Equus bag will cost at least $136.

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