The American company SKD Tactical, which is a major distributor of military tactical equipment and also manufactures its products under the PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) brand, continues to develop its collection of PIG FDT (Full Dexterity Tactical) shooting gloves, having recently introduced a new insulated version called PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove. According to the manufacturer, the new model also stands out for its high level of comfort, tactile sensitivity and tenacity, but at the same time it also has sufficient thermal insulation for active use on the shooting range..

Similar to the basic versions, the palm of the insulated gloves is predominantly made of thin Clarino synthetic leather, with the addition of anti-slip silicone elements and the ability to control unlimited capacitive touch displays. On the outside of the gloves, a vapor-permeable softshell material with a water-repellent treatment is used. As a heat-insulating filler, only synthetic insulation consisting of polyester fibers is used, the density of the insulation used is not specified.


The design of the gloves provides an elongated rubberized cuff, which is complemented by a nylon loop, for ease of putting on and the possibility of hanging gloves on a carabiner. In addition, similar to the PIG FDT Alpha (our review) and PIG FDT Bravo models, the design uses microfleece material (velvet fabric) placed on the thumb, which can serve as a wipe, for example, sweat.


The new PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove is currently only available in two colors, Black and White, followed by a Carbon Gray version, and a Coyote colorway will be available in March 2020. The cost of new gloves, regardless of the choice of colors, is almost $58 per pair, and the order can be placed exclusively through the SKD Tactical website.


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