Classic two-wheeled bicycles have not surprised anyone for a long time. Even small children try to learn how to ride them as quickly as possible in order to move freely around the city. For adults who want to relive unforgettable emotions or simply prefer environmentally friendly transport, as well as those who are just learning the basics of driving such a vehicle, manufacturers offer electric models. The hybrid tricycles in this range are popular for their greater structural stability and load capacity.

This group of products has a frame mainly made of aluminum alloy, which lightens the weight of the product, a low-power electric motor that excludes the possibility of developing an unsafe high speed, wheels that are optimal in size. In addition, often electric bicycles are equipped with seats and a steering wheel that are adjustable in height and configuration. For maximum protection against potential injuries, it is recommended to additionally purchase a special set of knee pads, helmet and elbow pads.

TOP of the best three-wheeled electric bikes

IZH Bike Farmer

IZH-Bike Farmer electric bike

The representative of the domestic manufacturer is completely assembled from Taiwanese parts and received positive feedback from the owners. With its own weight of 40 kg, it is able to carry a load of up to 130 kg. The front-wheel drive three-wheel design is equipped with a 12 Ah gel battery, the charge of which is enough for a non-stop overcoming of a distance of up to 45 km. You can use both conventional pedals and the throttle.

The braking system includes front crabs, rear brake pads and operates effectively on various types of surfaces. Therefore, it is comfortable to move on such an electric bike both in urban conditions and in a holiday village. The maximum speed of the vehicle reaches 26 km / h, taking into account two loaded baskets (the rear one is designed for 40 kg). The model is additionally equipped with a 3-position ignition lock. Benefits include a stylish, unisex ergonomic design, a sought-after silver to burgundy color scheme, and mudguards on all 24-inch wheels.

Eltreco Porter Fat 700

Eltreco Porter Fat 700 electric bike

Reviews are only positive. The only thing that makes buyers think is the high cost, but most people still find money for this product, as it boasts a huge number of advantages.

The direct drive motor model runs at 700 watts. It has a 15 Ah lithium-ion battery. Due to this, the device travels long enough and far, but within the city. The wheels here reach a diameter of 20 inches, which is quite enough for moving over small bumps.

Horza Stels Trike 24-T1

Horza Stels Trike 24-T1 electric bike

The bike is great for overweight and elderly people, as it can withstand a total weight of up to 160 kg, and also has a low frame that is comfortable for boarding, ideal stability, a protected chain mechanism, wide 24-inch wheels with double rims and reinforced spokes. With a speed of 20 km / h, you can travel 80 km on a single charge, which exceeds the performance of competing models. The maximum speed limit here is about 40 km/h.

Importantly, when braking, the recuperation system is activated, which makes it possible to compensate for the energy loss that occurs during engine operation. And the 3.5 hours that are needed to recharge the battery, the owners of one of the best cargo bikes are considered unconditional advantages. Among them are also a high-quality Li-Ion battery, an informative display for control support, a climate control option, a USB connector for a smartphone or tablet, and the weight of the tricycle is 38 kg. Of the shortcomings, only single-speed mode without a switch, the absence of a rear shock absorber.

E-Motions Kangoo-ru 700W 48V 13Ah Li-ion

E-Motions Kangoo-ru 700W 48V 13Ah Li-ion electric bike

Quite a good option at an affordable cost receives positive feedback every day. The chain drive and the weight of 40 kg hardly surprise buyers. But the rest of the characteristics are simply delightful.

The device can withstand 120 kg of human weight. It takes literally 8 hours to recharge the charge, but then you can ride around the city at high speed for much longer.

On the steering wheel, the manufacturer added a basket. It is convenient to carry purchases from the store or little things that you need to take with you from home for a walk. And the basket, located in the place of the trunk, accommodates larger items.

Omaks OM-XFT-002

Omaks OM-XFT-002 electric bike

The 320W adult three-wheeled electric bike cannot fail to please customers. It travels about 35 km without recharging, and charges in just 4-5 hours.

An inexpensive three-wheeled electric bike is equipped with 20-inch wheels. The rim here is made of steel, and the bead cord is made of metal. This ensures the strength of the structure and its ability to pass over bumps without damage.

There is a cargo basket at the back. It is possible to fit almost any item in it. In addition, the bike comes with: a basket on the handlebars, a chain guard, a handlebar bell, etc.


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