Outboard motors are a specialized type of internal combustion engine coupled with a «leg» and propeller to propel boats and other types of small craft.

A wide range on the market allows you to choose the most optimal option for each owner.

It is very important that the power of the outboard motor matches the watercraft on which it is installed. As a rule, its maximum allowable value is always indicated on the transom. If this parameter is exceeded, the boat may become uncontrollable and capsize.

The best inexpensive outboard motors


PATRIOT BM-110 outboard motor

This two-stroke outboard motor with manual start. It is noisy, but extremely simple, both in operation and in maintenance. Its consumption is indicated by the size of the fuel tank, which is only 1.2 liters.

Quite cheerfully allows you to navigate the water surface on a boat with two passengers and the necessary fishing equipment. Easily fits in the trunk of a car and for most ordinary outdoor enthusiasts, choosing it is a rational decision. In addition, the PATRIOT BM-110 demonstrates stable operation, and judging by the reviews of the owners, in addition to the excellent price, it also features trouble-free operation.


HDX T 2.6 CBMS outboard motor

The technical stuffing of this Chinese outboard motor is a complete analogue of the products of the leading brands in the industry. A two-stroke single-cylinder engine is not the most powerful, but will allow the boat to go two times faster than with oars. Easily attached to the transom with swivel clamps and allows you to move in shallow water. Thanks to the removal of exhaust gases through the screw, traveling with it is quite comfortable.

Owners who opt for the HDX T 2.6 CBMS find it worth the money. In the reviews, there are generally no complaints about the technical component of the outboard motor — it is quite reliable and unpretentious. The only drawback can be considered the lack of a reverse, but a rather pleasant price justifies such restrictions.

Carver MHT 3.8S

Carver MHT 3.8S outboard motor

One of the simplest and cheapest options for an outboard motor available to any category of consumers. The Carver MHT 3.8 S does not lack the stars in the sky and does not seek the glory of the best of the best — it performs a completely different function. A small two-stroke engine with a volume of 62 cubes provides speed on howling in the region of 7-9 kilometers per hour. This is not much, but it is enough for fishing or a small river cruise. The case is mediocre, the iron is frankly weak. But, as users note, the season rolls back without strong complaints, although in some aspects you have to resort to manual tuning.

The best 2-stroke outboard motors

Tohatsu M 9.8BS

Tohatsu M 9.8BS outboard motor

The popularity and authority of the Tohatsu brand is beyond doubt. Tohatsu equipment is valued, first of all, due to its super reliability and unpretentiousness. Yes, the prices for Tohatsu motors are far from the lowest, but the price in this case justifies the quality by 100%.

Specifically, the Tohatsu M 9.8BS model is popular due to its good technical characteristics, economy and light weight. The motor is capable of bringing a 3.6 meter boat with three adults on board into the glider. The weight of the motor is only 26 kg, which allows you to transport and install it alone.

Hidea HD 9.9 FHS

Hidea HD 9.9 FHS outboard motor

This unit has a very high resemblance to the popular Yamaha model, but is much cheaper than its titled competitor. The outboard motor is easy to maintain and has a fairly high-quality assembly. The exhaust system of the two-stroke engine is carried out through the screw, so a comfortable noise level will allow you to more fully enjoy the boat trip.

The owners are pleased with the adequate support service — brand representation in the domestic market means a lot — this is both after-sales service and the absence of any problems with spare parts. There are many reviews in the reviews that positively characterize the reliability of Hidea HD 9.9 FHS. Due to the presence of a reverse and the ability to move through shallow water, the outboard motor provides high mobility to its owner.

Mikatsu M9.9FS

Mikatsu M9.9FS outboard motor

A very high-quality apparatus for active movement on water is offered by Mikatsu. Mikatsu M9.9FS is one of the best-selling 9.9 hp outboard motors in 2016. This two-cylinder unit has a working volume of 246 cm3, will hold 24 liters of fuel, and is able to move in shallow water by reducing the immersion depth. There is also the possibility of adjusting the angle and inclination of the tiller.

Unlike a number of other outboard engines of well-known brands, Mikatsu M9.9FS is not so demanding on fuel and AI-92 can be freely poured into it. This unit, like many other 9.9 hp motors. can be blown up to 15 hp This is done relatively simply. It is necessary to change the screw to 11, replace the reed valve and carry out the ignition settings already on the water.

The best 4-stroke outboard motors

Honda BF-15

Honda BF-15 outboard motor

If such an indicator as fuel consumption is extremely important for you, then we recommend that you pay attention to the Honda BF-15 — this is the most economical option among 15-horsepower outboard motors. One liter of fuel is enough for 7.3 kilometers. This is a very good indicator, if we take into account the fact that the closest competitor, the Suzuki DF-15, can only swim 6 km per liter.

Of the pleasant options, Honda has a 6 A generator. Of the not very pleasant moments, one can single out the weight, which is 46 kg.

Yamaha F15CEHS

Yamaha F15CEHS outboard motor

The Japanese brand always pleases consumers with good, high-quality goods, and the Yamaha F15CEHS gasoline outboard motor is no exception. Moderately powerful and weighty model produces 15 hp. with an engine volume of 362 cubic centimeters. As in the case of other engines from Yamaha, users note a long service life without arbitrarily minor breakdowns, which certainly adds prestige to the manufacturer’s treasury. Nevertheless, when entering the world market, the following trend has emerged — official dealers, resellers and other retailers play with the price of the motor at their own discretion. Sometimes the margin reaches up to 40-50%, which introduces an imbalance in the price / quality ratio and scares off potential buyers.

Mercury ME F 15 M

Mercury ME F 15 M outboard motor

Mercury ME F 15 M is an outboard motor with a true Italian character, produced in the Japanese division of the company. Its distinctive feature is the presence of not only a tiller (manual), but also a remote control, and a very good one at that. The 350 cc engine has a good working life, but requires periodic monitoring of its operation. The fact is that with a long time of operation, there is (not always) the appearance of a defect in oil overrun, leading to a slow but sure breakdown of the power unit. A characteristic manifestation of this defect is an increase in exhaust smoke. Otherwise, there are no serious complaints about the motor.


  • good price;
  • a kit that includes a set of tools and spare candles;
  • the presence of an indicator of low oil pressure;
  • the presence of an emergency engine switch.


  • with a long service life, there is a problem with excessive oil consumption.


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