The Real Avid trademark, which is part of the Revo Brand Group of American companies and specializes in various tools and gun care kits, has released a new pocket multi-tool RA Pistol Tool, which is designed, as you might guess from the name, to work with short-barreled weapons, in features with M1911 pistol models.


The design of the multitool RA Pistol Tool contains at least 17 functions, all tools are made of stainless steel with a titanium coating. The list of features of the new tool includes a folding knife with a Tanto-style blade just over 76mm long, a pin puncher, a scraper, a file with a bit holder, a set of six bits, a set of four small hexes, and a 1911 barrel sleeve removal wrench.


The Real Avid Pistol Tool has already begun to hit the shelves of various online stores, including Cabela’s and Amazon, on the official website the new tool is priced at $40. The overall dimensions and weight of the instrument remain unknown.


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