This winter season, in addition to P1G-Tac N3B ECW Sniper Gloves, I was lucky to use another model of insulated mittens HEAT 3 Special Force Smart, manufactured by The Heat Company, an Austrian company, which mainly specializes in the production of various chemical heaters of the HEAT series, and also has a separate line of gloves and insoles «sharpened» for these heaters.


The HEAT 3 Special Force Smart mittens have been used less often, not long enough to form a final opinion and prepare a full review. In the temperature range from -15C to -18C, while gloves are designed for use at temperatures up to -40C, if you use chemical heaters, the allowable threshold increases to -60C. It was not possible to determine which gloves are warmer, since for both models -18C and with prolonged static is far from the limit.

The HEAT 3 Special Force Smart insulated mittens are made from a combination of several high-tech materials. The base material is a layer of twill polyester fabric, which is clearly treated with a water-repellent impregnation, since water practically does not linger on the surface of the product. According to the manufacturer, this very thin fabric, which does not rustle at all, has good waterproof properties and does not prevent steam from escaping. In fact, the hands really did not sweat up to -12C inclusive, but it is naturally difficult to single out the merit of the external material in this.


The palm and partially the thumb are covered with soft and pleasant to the touch goat skin, the central part of the palm is reinforced with an additional layer of natural leather material in completely black color. The skin remains soft in the cold, does not get wet and does not slip on smooth surfaces, provides a good grip, including on metal.


The inner part of the mittens is covered with a soft lining fabric made of polyester fibers, which is combined with an integrated glove-liner, and the provided hydrophobic synthetic filler protects from external influences. The well-known Primaloft with a declared density of at least 120 grams per square meter is used as a heater. The insulation can be «felt live», the inner glove is sewn to it directly along with the lining material. The lining is present only on the inside, while when viewed through the palm of your hand, you can see a generally unprotected insulation, which, in my opinion, is very strange, and may have its consequences in the future.

The integrated inner laneir glove, which is one of the advantageous features of the HEAT 3 Special Force Smart model, is made of a thin and elastic material that practically does not limit sensitivity, allowing you to conveniently manipulate small elements, be it shoelaces, small navigation buttons, knife lock or the trigger of a weapon. The tips of the thumb and forefinger are covered with a layer of a special material that allows you to interact with the capacitive touch screens of modern mobile devices, which is the main difference between the Smart version and other products in the HEAT 3 line.


In general, the design of HEAT 3 Special Force Smart mittens provides for an elongated design with wide cuffs, the volume of which is adjustable both at the wrist and at the base. In addition to the main entrance, the mittens have two more openings with a water-resistant zipper (the zippers used are unmarked, the manufacturer is unknown). The first hole is located in the area of ​​​​the palm and serves to remove the fingers, the external valve is turned away and fixed on the back of the palm with a small magnet, Velcro is used to fix the valve on the thumb. The second hole is located on the back of the palm and is used for a chemical heating element, or as a niche for small items of equipment.


Among other things, the HEAT 3 Special Force Smart mittens include a loop for easy donning, a special fully removable safety cord with a comfortable elastic fastening on the wrist, as well as a relatively small external fastening made of leather and a metal eyelet, which allows you to securely fix the mittens on the elements of equipment using for this, a carabiner, plastic ties, etc.


The general workmanship of the HEAT 3 Special Force Smart is at a high level, at the moment there are no complaints about the quality of materials and tailoring. The strengths of this model I would include a really good level of protection against cold, wind and moisture, an original universal design that successfully combines a warm mitten and a comfortable liner glove in one product, and also provides for the possibility of using additional heaters.

Among the «weak» design elements of the insulated mittens, I would single out uncomfortable tapes between the fingers of the liner glove, designed to quickly remove the mitten, although it can be removed quite conveniently and quickly without them, the lack of insulation protection from the front opening, as well as the lack of valves to hide zipper locks that create a lot of unnecessary noise when in contact with a hard surface.


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