The Day Patrol Backpack (DPB) from P1G-Tac is one of the many new releases this year. Information about a new backpack with a useful volume of about 37 liters appeared back in the middle of summer, then the Ukrainian company PROF1 Group published several photos of the novelty and brief information about it. Sales of DPB started closer to the beginning of autumn, the backpack was positioned by the manufacturer as a one-day lightweight, versatile and durable backpack for military field use and everyday civilian use.

The Day Patrol Backpack (DPB) is crafted from a combination of 1000 denier Cordura, lighter weight nylon to create an internal compartment, and soft, bulky nylon mesh used to form the back and shoulder straps. All plastic fittings and two-way zippers manufactured by YKK. The backpack is sewn with high quality, without any flaws, the seams are even, there are no gaps and missing lines, a double seam is used almost everywhere. Laces are tied on the zippers, all ends are melted.


The design of the backpack is quite simple, there are only two zippered compartments and one voluminous pocket in the main compartment, which is suitable for a three-liter drinking system, a tablet or a laptop with a diagonal of no more than 15 inches. At the top of the backpack there are three holes for bringing out the hose of the drinking system. At the same time, DPB can act as a kind of base for the formation of a more complex system for carrying and sorting various things, with many external utility pouches and other equipment that can be attached both to standard PALS slings and reinforced nylon compression straps at the bottom, top and on the side of the backpack. Something similar is implemented in the three-day patrol backpack LRPB-3D.


The one-day field backpack has only two volumetric compartments with external access: the main compartment (60 x 32 x 17 cm) and the external volumetric compartment (40 x 32 x 17 cm). Both compartments are fastened with a wide YKK two-way zipper. The zipper runs on all sides of the compartment, except for the bottom, which in turn allows you to conveniently pack / unpack the backpack and, if necessary, quickly access all contents. As mentioned earlier, inside the main compartment there is a voluminous «flat» pocket with an open top, you can pack any things no more than 26 cm wide and no more than 4 cm thick into it. If a laptop or hydraulic system exceeds the pocket in length, they can be additionally fixed compression belt.


To date, the P1G-Tac Day Patrol Backpack (DPB) is already available in the PROF1 Group stores in A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, MultiCam, EMP colors, as well as in solid black, green and sand, cost — $79.

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