The British manufacturer Snugpak recently released a new collection of mountain jackets Venture, which includes eight new products — light jackets TS1 Smock and Windtop, two insulated versions of the Military Mountain Leader (MML) Softie Smock from the military tactical direction, as well as five analogues in the «civilian» style, divided into the Mountain Leader and S&R Windtop series.


All new jackets are made in almost identical cut and differ only in the type of material, its density and the presence of insulation. Venture jackets are designed with an anorak cut, high collar, center YKK zip to mid-chest, low back, long sleeves with elasticated cuffs and thumbholes. The design includes at least five external pockets — one pocket in the collar, two main pockets for warming hands, a large front pocket with a zipper for maps and other things, as well as one pouch pocket for phones, navigators, etc.


Windtop jackets are single-layer construction and are made of lightweight Paratex Micro nylon material, the material is treated with water-resistant impregnation. The total weight of the jacket is about 200 grams. The TS1 Smock model, in addition to the Paratex Micro outer material, is complemented by a fleecy lining layer of TS1 Thermal Suede polyester, the weight of medium-sized jackets is 440 grams. The MML 3 Softie Smock and MML 6 Softie Smock jackets stand out for their Paratex Light lining and Softie Premier synthetic insulation, namely the Softie 3 (0℃ to -5℃) and Softie 6 (-5℃ to -10℃) versions, respectively. The weight of the jackets is 560 and 720 grams.


The lightweight TS1 Smock and Windtop jackets are available in all black, olive and Camouflage MultiCam, while the MML Softie Smock is only available in MultiCam. Civilian versions will be sold in plain blue and red. The suggested retail price of Snugpak Venture jackets varies from £110 to £180, depending on the model chosen.


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