One of the new products introduced by Sony at CES 2013 was the NWZ-W273 Walkman, a fully waterproof sports MP3 player. The key feature of the novelty, in addition to water resistance up to 2 meters and compact size, can rightfully be considered its autonomy.MP3 player with built-in memory of 4 Gb, dispenses with the usual wires and allows you to listen to your favorite songs uninterruptedly for up to 8 hours, on a full battery charge.


The new player has a built-in fast charging function, which allows for just 3 minutes of charging using a USB connector, to provide the player with an additional 60 minutes of a full-fledged «life». The Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman is scheduled to go on sale in March 2013, the player will be available in black, blue-black, white and black-pink, the recommended retail price is $100.


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