The Canadian office Sportes has developed its original solution for a more convenient, efficient and safe use of the so-called «Indian candle» (wooden stove, Finnish candle, Canadian candle, Swedish fire), a relatively easy-to-build fire that serves to cook and heat food, as well as for home heating. The developed solution is called Sportes MITI-001, and is a set of five elements for a more convenient and safe cooking process on a «candle».


As you know, the main distinguishing feature of the «Indian candle» fire is that its base is formed by a log divided vertically into logs of approximately the same size. To kindle a «candle» in the areas between densely standing logs, which can be tied with flexible wire, kindling (pieces of birch bark, pouring, dry grass, etc.) is thrust in. When burned, the internal diameter of the «Indian candle» gradually increases and thus can lead to unexpected destruction of the entire structure, which, in turn, can lead to injury, burns or damage to property. The MITI-001 kit is designed to solve this problem.


The Sportes MITI-001 set consists of a cooking circle and four rods, which keep the fire intact for a longer time, and also makes the whole process safer. All five MITI-001 elements are made of 304L stainless steel. Dimensions and a total weight of 1.13 kg do not allow us to consider MITI-001 as a convenient solution for hiking, but for long-term parking and camping — please.


The Sportes MITI-001 set, which, in addition to the cooking surface and steel rods, comes with a bright orange sealed case and is already available on the manufacturer’s website for a price of 64 Canadian dollars.

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