The relatively young Chinese knife brand Kansept Knives, founded by knife designer Kim Ning, has introduced two new series of folding everyday knives Kansept Sprite K1003 and Kansept Gremlin K2003 at once. The novelties are made in the same style and from the same materials, and differ mainly in overall dimensions. In each series, at least five models will be presented, which will stand out for their blade materials, overall design, including the color of the decorative inserts in the handle.


The relatively basic models of the Kansept Sprite K1003 and Kansept Gremlin K2003 knives will include a Drop-Point folding blade made of CPM S35VN powder steel, the hardness of which is announced by the manufacturer in the range of 58-60 HRC. The handle of the knives, which includes a titanium frame, is made almost entirely of titanium alloy, including a spacer and a removable clip, with the addition of decorative carbon polymer inserts in different colors, or Micarta.


At this stage, the recommended retail price of the Kansept Sprite K1003 and Kansept Gremlin K2003 folding knives, in the basic version, starts at $196 and $169 respectively, more exclusive options, for example, with a Damascus steel blade (Gremlin K2003A4), are already priced at 400 USD.

  • Kansept Knives has launched a new line of premium folding knives made of Kansept Kratos K1024, which was created by Polish designer Ostap Hel.
Name Sprite K1003 Gremlin K2003
Blade materials CPM S35VN CPM S35VN
Handle materials Titanium, Carbon/Micarta Titanium, Carbon/Micarta
Full length 206.6 mm 174.2 mm
Handle length 115.6 mm 100.3 mm
Blade length 91 mm 73.91 mm
Blade thickness 4 mm 3 mm
lock type frame lock frame lock
MSRP 280$ 240$

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