The American brand The James Brand, which is well known for its everyday knives, has introduced a small pocket multitool called The Cache River. In fact, the novelty is a relatively small and durable bit holder, combined with a case for storing and transporting the bits themselves, in a set no more than three pieces, which are selected taking into account the maintenance of knives.


The pencil case, which consists of a lid with a lanyard attachment, or carabiner, and the holder itself with a magnetic insert, is made almost entirely of 6061 aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish. The total length of the product does not exceed 99 mm, the diameter is exactly 14 mm, and the total weight, including bits (Phillips #2, Torx T6, Wiha Slotted 4.5), is 36 grams.


At this stage, the new The Cache River bit holder is available in only one version and configuration, and is estimated by the manufacturer at $60, excluding shipping costs. It is still possible to order a novelty only through the official website of the brand.

  • The James Brand has released a new larger model of The Carter folding everyday knife, which is available in three designs.

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