The Böker Plus brand has recently expanded with a new model of the Böker Plus Sulaco folding pocket knife, which was designed by American craftsman Ram Maramba, founder of the custom knife brand Zero Knives. The new Böker Plus Sulaco pocketknife is positioned solely as a relatively light, compact and robust product with simple functionality for everyday use..


The Böker Plus Sulaco blade is made of 440C stainless steel with a claimed hardness of around 58 HRC. The ergonomic handle is complemented by shaped textured overlays made of G10 synthetic material. The design of the handle includes a stainless steel clip and a special hole for a lanyard. The total length of the open knife is no more than 217 mm, while the length of the blade is 94 mm, and the maximum thickness on the butt does not exceed 3.6 mm. The blade is fixed with a classic Liner-Lock type lock, removed by large double-sided pegs.


The new Böker Plus Sulaco folding pocket knife is currently only available in one color and has a suggested retail price of €50.

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