For the upcoming winter season, The North Face, among other novelties, has introduced new models of men’s and women’s insulated jackets from the ThermoBall collection, which are divided into two casual series — ThermoBall Eco and ThermoBall Super. Both ranges are made from recycled materials, including PrimaLoft’s ThermoBall Eco insulation. Between themselves, the series mainly differ in the density of the materials used, as well as directly in the thickness of the heat-insulating layer and partly in the structure of its placement..


Series ThermoBall Eco, which is represented by the ThermoBall Eco Jacket, ThermoBall Eco Hoodie, ThermoBall Eco Vest and the women’s exclusive ThermoBall Eco Parka, is distinguished by its light and compact design and low overall density, which allows you to pack jackets into your own pocket. This series is mainly suitable for the demi-season period, or relatively warm winter conditions. The average weight of men’s jackets is about 450 grams. The outer layer and lining are made of recycled nylon, while the insulation, with a density of only 36 g/m2, consists of recycled polyester fibers.


In line Thermoball Super so far only two models are offered, these are ThermoBall Super Jacket and ThermoBall Super Hoodie, the latter differs only in the presence of an adjustable hood in the design. The lining and the outer layer of the jacket are made of nylon (35 g/m2), and thermoBall Eco polyester insulation with a density of 75 g/m2 and 66 g/m2, also from recycled materials, is used for thermal insulation. Less dense insulation is used directly on the sleeves and hood. The average weight of men’s jackets does not exceed 550 grams.


The functionality of the ThermoBall Eco and ThermoBall Super jackets is almost identical. Both series feature a secure front zip fastening with two versatile closures, hem adjustments, profiled sleeves with elasticated cuffs, two external hand warmer pockets with zip fastenings and one small inside pocket. The ThermoBall Super versions are distinguished exclusively by a lower back, as well as the ability to adjust the volume of the hood.


The ThermoBall Eco Series jackets range from $150 for an insulated ThermoBall Eco Vest to $250 for a full-length ThermoBall Eco Parka. The ThermoBall Super Jacket and ThermoBall Super Hoodie are priced at $260 and $280 respectively. It is already possible to place an order for new items directly through the official website of the manufacturer.

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