Outboard motors are a special type of internal combustion engines that convert the energy of an explosion of a fuel mixture into mechanical energy of rotation of a bladed propeller. Like any other engine, outboard motors also require the use of special technical fluids, which include such an ordinary engine oil.

The use of oil for outboard motors in Russia has gone through several rather curious stages. At a time when the domestic market was filled only with domestically produced models, exploiting oil was akin to madness. Autol was used, the combustion of which led to the formation of soot on the pistons, and also entailed a huge number of burns, since any “sore” was amenable to painstaking treatment. From the moment the trade barrier was overcome and foreign products entered the domestic market, autol quietly went aside, giving way first to mineral and then to synthetic oils, which significantly saved the budget of the already poor citizens of the country.

To date, the auto oil market has hundreds of different samples suitable for pouring into a standard outboard motor. Alas, not everyone has high quality, which makes the selection process even more difficult. After carefully studying the situation, we have compiled a ranking of the ten best oils for boat engines in two main categories: for two-stroke and four-stroke power plants, the optimal qualities of which have been tested by hundreds of satisfied consumers.

The best oils for two-stroke outboard motors

5 PATRIOT Super Active 2T

PATRIOT Super Active 2T

The rating of oils for two-stroke engines is opened by a representative of the Chinese company PATRIOT, semi-synthetic engine oil Super Active 2T, which is in high demand in the domestic market. The incredible popularity of this variety arose due to the craving of consumers for everything budgetary — the cost of a liter of Chinese semi-synthetics is comparable to the cost of autol, so often recalled by experienced anglers or owners of motor boats.

But such a rough comparison does not quite correctly reflect the essence of the PATRIOT Super Active 2T: its quality indicators are really worthy of praise. Despite not the most advanced formula, Chinese manufacturers managed to achieve a reduction in the level of carbon deposits on the pistons through the almost complete combustion of the oil in the mixture. But the main feature of the technical fluid from the Patriots is its versatility — at such a low price, this oil covers almost all special equipment, from outboard motors to motorcycles, snowmobiles and garden tools.

4 Ravenol Outboardoel 2T Mineral 1L

Ravenol Outboardoel 2T Mineral 1L

Made in Germany mineral motor oil meets the highest quality standards required by 2-stroke outboard motors. The manufacturer has been on the Russian market for many years and knows about the problem with the quality of gasoline, so when developing a complex chemical formula, all the nuances were taken into account. Engine oil is formulated with special high quality additives to minimize crankcase deposits and keep the engine clean even after years of use. Bearings and cylinder-piston group due to better lubrication can withstand long-term extreme loads.

The solvent components contained in this oil provide a low flash point and reduce visible emissions. Connection with gasoline of various purity occurs without changing the octane number and in the future the mixture does not lose its properties when stored in a canister. The blue dye in the oil makes it easy to control the filling level. Its use in two-stroke outboard motors guarantees a long service life and minimal wear on moving parts.

3 Yamalube 2-M TC-W3 RL Super 2-Stroke 1L

Yamalube 2-M TC-W3 RL Super 2-Stroke 1L

Yamalube Mineral Engine Oil is designed for use in modern water-cooled outboard engines and meets the stringent standards of Yamaha’s Japanese watercraft. It can be used in 2-stroke direct injection, premix or automix systems. The oil was developed for the most severe operating conditions with the best protection against wear and piston seizure. Special additives prevent carbon deposits on rings and spark plugs in highly accelerated 2-stroke engines, protect against corrosion, and also reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Yamalube oil has an extended shelf life and can be stored in any temperature conditions, while it does not lose its properties and you can be sure of its quality after a long period of time. Thanks to its perfect mixing with the fuel, the oil prevents the formation of sludge without leaving sticky deposits. The proportions are among the most economical and range from 1 to 2 percent, depending on the operating conditions. Comes with a measure for easy mixing.

2 Motul Outboard Tech 2T

Motul Outboard Tech 2T

High-quality semi-synthetic oil from the monopolists of the market of technical fluids for special equipment, demonstrating excellent performance in terms of environmental friendliness. Motul was pushed to the point of creating a «green» oil by environmentalists, who called for restrictions on the use of two-stroke engines or the development of new quality standards. Since the main “feeding trough” of the French company is the production of technical fluids for special equipment, the option of limiting the use of such engines would mean inevitable death.

The special composition of the semi-synthetic fluid made it possible to significantly reduce its consumption for the creation of a fuel mixture, which naturally affected the economy. However, having won in the expense component, Motul prudently equalized costs with a price increase that discouraged regular buyers and led to some stagnation in demand.

1 LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil

LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil

The category leader in the two-stroke class is expectedly becoming a semi-synthetic engine oil from the German company LIQUI MOLY, which has excellent performance in the operating component. Despite all the specifics of oils for outboard motors, the Germans managed to create a really cool product. LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil has a low knock temperature threshold: something around 120 degrees Celsius. In this regard, combustion occurs more completely, intensively, and the harmful carbon deposits on the piston are formed in much smaller quantities. On the other hand, this entails good financial losses, since the intensive combustion of the technical fluid will require periodic topping up.

Thus, if the price indicator is at the forefront, it is worth considering the expediency of buying LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil. If placed in the category of key quality indicators, German oil will be the best choice, since the company’s products are widely distributed in the secondary market and at official dealers.

The best oils for four-stroke outboard motors

5 Mannol 7820 Aqua Jet 4-Takt 1L

Mannol 7820 Aqua Jet 4-Takt 1L

Mannol 7820 Aqua engine oil has been specially developed for high performance four-stroke powerboats and jet skis equipped with turbochargers. The stable formula of additives is the best way to contribute to the stable operation of the lubrication system of jet engines and to prevent the formation of fine particles that can damage the mechanism.

The excellent anti-corrosion properties of the oil prevent the formation of a rusty coating, which inevitably appears when in contact with water. The components contained in the composition of engine oil reduce friction in moving parts, ensuring their trouble-free operation for a long time. Due to the low-ash composition of the oil, soot and varnish deposits do not form on the engine, which makes it possible to use water equipment equipped with catalytic converters. Even if water accidentally enters the housing, the oil is able to operate efficiently at full speed without breaking the lubricating film. The product specification and approval are as follows: SAE 10W-40, API SL, JASO MA.

4 Wolf Outboard 4T 10W30 1l

Wolf Outboard 4T 10W30 1l

This premium semi-synthetic oil is formulated from carefully selected, highly refined base oils and is designed for modern four-stroke engines, the most famous of which are Mercury Marine and Yamaha. The oil was developed in accordance with the requirements of NMMA FC-W and is able to provide increased protection against the formation of rust, which is quickly formed under the influence of salt water. Having compounds of molybdenum and zinc molecules in its structure, the oil comprehensively protects against aggressive environments and keeps the engine exceptionally clean.

Special additives give the oil better oxidation resistance, help to penetrate the entire system faster and maintain the stability and reliability of the lubricating film without clogging the oil filter. The composition of the oil guarantees a reduction in fuel consumption and reduces the amount of smoke emissions. The oil has a very low volatility, which allows it to be used at any time of the year.

3 Motul Suzuki Marine 4T SAE 10W40

Motul Suzuki Marine 4T SAE 10W40

Semi-synthetic oil created specifically for a series of Suzuki outboard motors. It is distinguished by sharpening under the working conditions of these particular developments, therefore the limits of applicability and the adequacy of use with other models of power units should be felt, as they say, from personal experience. Fortunately, no one is allowed to do this.

According to users, purely technically Motul Suzuki Marine 4T SAE 10W40 is no different from the standard series of oils of the same company. Any composition with a viscosity of 10W40 shows approximately the same results, but it is much cheaper than a premium development for branded motors. Of course, no one cancels the outstanding parameters for combustion, environmental friendliness and efficiency, but behind all this one can feel a well-planned commercial move, which led to some coldness of domestic consumers. A well-deserved third place.

2 Quicksilver 4-Stroke Marine 10W-30

Quicksilver 4 Stroke Marine 10W-30

Quicksilver 4-Stroke Marine 10W-30 is an interesting semi-synthetic, which was widely used first in America, and then no less effectively moved to the domestic market. The uniqueness of this oil lies in the specific requirements for use. While in automobile engines lubrication of rubbing parts occurs under the action of high pressure, in boat engines oil is delivered only by splashing (which is facilitated by the presence of an immersion ring on the shaft). Under such conditions, for unhindered lubrication, the service fluid must be low enough in viscosity to ensure expansion even at low speeds. And with this task, Quicksilver 4-Stroke Marine 10W-30 copes, perhaps, better than the rest.

This oil is relatively inexpensive, which determines its high popularity. However, there is a problem of a different kind here: since the company is small and production is limited, it is very difficult to find its products outside dealerships and official distributors.

1 Motul Outboard Tech 4T 10W30

Motul Outboard Tech 4T 10W30

Another representative of Motul becomes the undisputed leader of the rating, having recorded not only outstanding technical and operational, but also price indicators. It is at least stupid to challenge its leadership: one filling of oil is enough for a long time, there is no intense carbon deposits during combustion, and the cost of four-stroke semi-synthetics is not much higher than that of two-stroke engines.

Another feature of Outboard Tech 4T 10W30, which is so loved by users, is the complete safety of mixing oils of various kinds. This composition can be mixed with mineral or purely synthetic oil in any proportion, and this will not affect the functioning of the motor in any way.

In general, Outboard Tech 4T 10W30 can be considered the flagship not only of a single series, but of the entire motor oil market in the special equipment segment, since all the prerequisites for this are obvious.


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