Metal detectors are used to search for scrap metal, lost items or treasures.

In the domestic market, the metal detectors of the American company Garrett have been holding leading positions for a long time. Since the founding of the company (1964), employees have been developing and implementing devices for searching for a wide variety of metal objects, from ammunition to jewelry.

Rating of Garrett metal detectors

5 Metal detector Garrett AT Pro + Pro-Pointer AT ground and underwater

Metal detector Garrett AT Pro + Pro-Pointer AT ground and underwater

The unique device Garrett AT Pro (another name is Garrett AT Pro International, International, International) can be different: an underwater metal detector, a ground metal detector, a metal detector for the beach.

4 Garrett ACE 150

Garrett ACE 150

A suitable metal detector for beginners will be the Garrett ACE 150 model. The device detects a wide range of objects, these can be non-ferrous metals or jewelry. The manufacturer used modern microprocessor technology, which is used in expensive analogues. At the same time, the American metal detector wins in simplicity of settings. The maximum detection depth is limited to 90 cm, as for real tests, the device finds a ring weighing 2 g at a depth of 15 cm. During the setup process, you can specify the type of metal, search depth and set the sensitivity level. A three-tone sound indication will notify the treasure hunter about the discovery.

3 Metal detector Garrett ACE 300i + Pro Pointer AT ground

Metal detector Garrett ACE 300i + Pro Pointer AT ground

The Garrett ACE 300i is one of the new products of the Garrett brand, based on a promising platform of the company’s own development. The manufacturer has implemented the most popular and advanced technologies in the metal detector. The model is highly reliable and allows you to find almost any target.

The basis of the model is a search coil operating at a universal frequency of 8 kHz. The device is complemented by many settings and special modes, which make it easier to search for coins and antiques hidden under a layer of soil.

Also, the design of the device provides a linear discriminator capable of determining the type of object with high accuracy. This feature allows even at the search stage to cut off targets that have no value, and find only colored objects.

Another important advantage is the presence of a rich configuration, including several convenient and popular elements.

2 Garrett ACE 400i

Garrett ACE400i

Russian numismatists show great interest in the Garrett ACE 400i metal detector. The device is supplied to the distribution network along with instructions in Russian. Therefore, it will not be difficult to deal with the settings and functions. On the information display, all information is also displayed in Russian. The device works efficiently with coins due to the shift of the radiation frequency upwards (10 kHz). The model is equipped with a professional DD coil, which is made in the form of a truncated ellipse. With such an accessory, you can get to hard-to-reach places (tree roots, stone foundations), where old coins are often hidden.

1 Garrett Ace Apex ground metal detector

Metal detector Garrett Ace Apex ground

The Garrett ACE Apex multifunctional metal detector has built-in Garrett Z-LYNK wireless technology and has a large set of features that allow you to adapt to any search conditions.

The new ACE Apex is the pinnacle of affordable metal detectors. It’s time to set a new level for your search.

Full adaptability

Garrett’s Multi-Flex technology, based on an advanced broadband digital platform, makes the Apex so versatile you won’t find another instrument at the same price. You can choose from a single powerful frequency for enhanced detection of specific targets*, or one of Apex’s multi-frequency modes for excellent results on any target in a variety of soils and sand.

8 channels for each frequency

Apex has eight independent channels, or frequency shifts, for each individual frequency, as well as a multi-frequency mode of operation. These 48 different frequency settings give Apex great freedom to work close to other detectors at the rally and to tune out a variety of electrical and magnetic interference.

6 detection modes + pinpoint

All Metals, Coins, US Coins, Jewelry, Relics and User Mode

LCD display with backlight

The bright display backlight makes it easier to see instrument settings and target ID in low light.

Accumulator battery

The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of activity, depending on settings and operating mode. A mini-USB charging cable is included in the package.

Precise ground balance

175 ground balance settings (similar to Garrett AT MAX) ranging from ferruginous soils to salt water.

Built-in Z-LYNK wireless

Garrett’s exclusive Z-LYNK wireless technology is six times faster than standard Bluetooth. Search wirelessly!

Iron sound (IRON AUDIO)

Garrett’s unique feature for identifying difficult iron objects such as bottle caps.


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