The success of fishing largely depends on the fishing reel. With its help, you can adjust the casting distance, ensure smooth wiring and effectively deal with even trophy specimens. There are a huge number of options for sale. It is important to choose one that has proven itself among amateurs and will last a long time.

Rating of fishing reels: companies and features, overview


A review of fishing reels should start with this Japanese manufacturer, which is known for its quality and reliability. This applies to both expensive and cheap models. DAIWA Ninja LT 3000-C takes first place in many ratings.

Key Features:

  1. A multi-purpose reel manufactured using a new technology, taking into account the shortcomings of previous models.
  2. It features a complete rotor and high-alloy steel parts that are particularly resistant to wear.
  3. Due to the robust case made of composite materials, the overall weight of the product is noticeably lower than that of analogues with comparable characteristics.
  4. Due to the anti-reverse in the brake unit, the starting load is reduced by an order of magnitude.
  5. The maximum load on the clutch can reach 10 kg, which is a lot for equipment weighing 215 g.
  6. The spool holds 150 m of fishing line, 90 cm is wound in one turn.

Many experts confirm that this model has the most reliable clutch. In addition, it looks modern, and the coating retains its attractiveness for a long time.


This is an old German brand that has been producing products for anglers for a long time. Reels have proven themselves especially well when fishing for carp, where the loads are high and special reliability is needed. Let’s take a look at the popular DAM QUICK® SURFHAMMER 360 FD solution.

Main features:

  1. The model was originally used in sea fishing, it still has a designation that the product is not afraid of exposure to sea water.
  2. The capacity of the spool depends on the thickness of the fishing line, it can hold a maximum of 200 m. The kit includes a spare aluminum spool.
  3. The system runs on five standard and one needle bearing.
  4. 109 cm are wound on the spool per revolution.

The option is well suited for light carp rods and will allow you to experience the pleasure of fighting big fish. If you are not a professional carp fisherman and travel from time to time, this is an ideal option.


In the line of this manufacturer there are modifications for professional fishing. They are larger and more expensive, but provide effective fishing even for trophy carp.


Another brand well known to domestic fishermen and offering quality products that have been in demand for decades. There are many options, it is worth choosing based on the purpose of use, the frequency of trips and the fish that you plan to catch. You should not buy expensive options if they will lie idle all the time. A good solution is the Stinger ForceAge Neo 1003.

This reel has a number of advantages:

  1. Unusual and stylish design. The model looks beautiful. Over time, the appearance practically does not change due to the reliable coating of parts.
  2. The mechanism is soft and clear, the braid lies on the spool evenly and neatly. The roller is coated with titanium nitride, which makes it very wear resistant.
  3. The handle is screwed into the body, so there is no backlash when using. This design is more often used in expensive products that cost more than 10,000 rubles. And here you can get a great coil for little money.
  4. Most of the parts are made of carbon fiber. Smooth adjustment of the friction clutch allows you to customize the mechanism for yourself. The main gear is made of stainless steel, which is very important, since in most analogues this element is aluminum.
  5. The system has 6 ball bearings and one roller bearing, which gives a very smooth ride.

In fact, this is a budget solution, which in terms of external design and build quality is not inferior to models that are 4-5 times more expensive. With moderate use, the service life is very long. Anglers note only one noticeable drawback — it is not suitable for very long casts.


This Chinese brand is well known for using reels from the budget segment. The manufacturer has a huge variety of models. Most often these are replicas of well-known coils, and their quality is not the highest. It makes sense to use the products of this company for rare amateur trips. Let’s analyze the GOLDEN VENTO model.


  1. This is a multiplier option that looks like a solid and expensive product, but at the same time costs a little.
  2. When winding the fishing line is not twisted and lies fairly evenly.
  3. You can perform long casts if you adapt to the design. At first, problems may arise, because due to the non-standard location of the reel, the grip of the rod needs to be changed.
  4. With a weight of 225 g, the system is quite reliable, suitable for catching medium-sized fish. Normally withstands short-term overloads.
  5. Smooth running thanks to 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.


Many anglers note that if a good option is caught, then it will serve for a long time. But because of the cheapness, factory defects are not uncommon, so the coil may break during the first serious test.

The modification is suitable for beginners, as well as for teenagers who are just mastering spinning. With careful use, the service life is quite long, but the mechanism does not tolerate shock, dirt and other adverse effects. It is better to purchase products of this brand from the upper price segments, coils for 300-500 rubles are of frankly poor quality.


The manufacturer offers very high quality products, which at the same time costs a little. There are many options from different price segments for anglers to choose from, all of them have good performance. As an example, the Balzer MK Adventure Spin 6300 is a one-stop solution.

Key Features:

  1. The brake discs are very large, allowing the friction brake to be adjusted with a high degree of precision. And the S-stroke system guarantees a perfect line crossover.
  2. 5 ball bearings and one needle bearing provide smooth and corrosion resistant performance for years of perfect glide.
  3. A special anti-vibration and vibration damping mechanism ensures uniform movement of the fishing line without jerking.
  4. Aluminum spool for very long casting. It also comes with an extra spool.
  5. The case is resistant to impacts, will not crack even with a strong deformation effect. The handle is of a convenient shape, it can be fixed both on the left and on the right side.

The product is solid and assembled with high quality, so it lasts a long time. It is used for various purposes and is suitable for catching most of the fish that are found in the country’s waters. It is easy to use, the main thing is to understand the adjustment features in order to set up the mechanism for the most accurate casting and smooth fighting.


A company with a wide range of products for different tastes. The quality is good, even if we consider the most inexpensive options, they will provide comfortable fishing. Let’s analyze one good solution from the budget series — Salmo Elite JIG&TWITCH 7 3000FD. This reel has a number of positive features:

  1. Designed mainly for spinning. The body and rotor material is carboplastic (high-carbon plastic, often found in the inexpensive segment).
  2. Filling in aluminum and brass. The stroke is soft, the aluminum spool has a bevelled side, which allows you to make fairly long casts.
  3. Corrugation on the spool eliminates the scrolling of an already wound cord.
  4. The handle can be installed on the right or left side. To protect against breakage during transport, it folds in half.
  5. There is a spare spool, the material of manufacture is graphite.

Despite the cheapness, the reel lays the line very well, has a smooth ride thanks to 6 ball and 1 roller bearings. This is a good option, but when using it, you need to do everything carefully: with sharp jerks and overloads, breakdowns very often occur.


The only domestic manufacturer that got into the top of the coils. The brand produces different models, most of them are of good quality and are in demand among fishermen.

Main features:

  1. Suitable for all types of rods.
  2. The line layer is equipped with a wear-resistant roller coated with titanium nitride.
  3. A special system eliminates the twisting of the fishing line.
  4. Another plus is the precise adjustment of the friction brake, the reverse gear is blocked very quickly.
  5. 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing are standard on modern models. The spool is made of aluminium.

The option is not bad, but many note that the dimensions of the structure are too large, which creates problems when used. There are also questions about the line laying mechanism: sometimes it collapses during the cast.

Kaida fish

Good option for little money. The line is quite extensive, so you can choose a coil for every taste. We can say that this brand is one of the most popular among those who do not want to invest a lot of money in fishing equipment.

Has many advantages:

  1. With a weight of 265 g, the design is quite compact.
  2. 5 ball bearings and one roller bearing for smooth running. Comes with two washers for adjustment.
  3. Good build quality — even despite the cheapness, there are practically no backlashes in the system, all parts are precisely adjusted to each other.
  4. The winding on the spool is very high quality and is not inferior to most of the more expensive models.

This is a very good solution for beginners and experienced anglers. Many recommend this reel as a training reel in order to master all the intricacies of fishing and then look for something more expensive. But, as practice shows, most people continue to use this model, as it provides the necessary functionality.

Each of these brands has entire product lines. In the review, only one coil is selected, which is popular among buyers. All described options have shown their reliability and gained popularity in the field.


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