Along with the update of its shoe collection, the release of two new models of military tactical boots, Under Armor also introduced a completely new shooting gloves under the commercial name UA Tactical Service. The manufacturer characterizes the novelty as durable, light and relatively thin gloves with a high level of tactile sensitivity and basic protection of the knuckles from possible mechanical damage..


The new UA Tactical Service gloves are predominantly made using just two types of materials. The palm and fingers on the inside are formed by thin and heat-resistant black artificial leather, while the back of the palm and part of the thumb are made of thinner, more elastic and quick-drying synthetic material (a mixture of nylon and elastane) in dark blue, which is in the area of ​​the knuckles completed with soft inserts.

According to the manufacturer, the new gloves are made in a short, low-profile and anatomically correct style. Gloves provide reinforcement on the thumb, index and central fingers, a sealed adjustable cuff, which is pulled together by a wide and tight strap with Velcro fixation. For the convenience of putting on gloves, a dense cord is provided, which can also be used to hang gloves directly on the carabiner.


The new Under Armor Tactical Service shooting gloves have only been announced in one color combination variant so far, with Black/Grey, Olive and Beige options also expected. The suggested retail price of the base model does not exceed $40.

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